Don’t put eggs in your pockets!

So I took my daughter Jessica,her friend Kenzi & our dog Payson for a walk. I have Payson on a leash, Jessica is on her scooter & Kenzi on a bike. As Kenzi is riding the bike, the tire rim semi breaks and the tire starts wobbling. We left the bike on the sidewalk and continued walking towards the farm that’s a block away from mi casa. We fed the goats & sheep and were just sitting there looking at the rest of the farm animals. The owner comes out and gives each of us an egg from their chicken coop. Man were the girls ecstatic that they got a ‘real’ chicken egg! Keep Reading

“Edward Thinks It’s Cool”

When your 5-year-old has been quiet for a long time, you better go investigate because that’s a dangerous thing!  I go check on her in hopes that she’s taking a nap. Hey, a mom can only hope. I see the cap to a marker on the stairs and my heart starts pumping as she’s been known to draw on walls. So what do I find? Definitely her not taking a nap!

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The Mysterious Haircut….

So Jessica (age 5 1/2) comes up to me with meat scissors in her hand. She had asked me if I could cut her hair. I told her I would do it another time with different scissors. I then put her to bed. The next morning I walked into Ande’s (almost 17) bathroom and found Jessica’s curly hair on the floor. Then the conversation went like this… Keep Reading

Sorry or Thanks?

Not sure if I need to say sorry to everyone that takes the sacrament at church after Jessica does, or if I should say thanks for not letting it bother you….For the most part, her hands are clean… most of the time. ha ha …

No matter how many times I tell Jessica that she is to touch only the one piece of  the sacrament bread that she’s going to take; she still wants to pick the biggest piece even if it means digging through all of the bread and touching every possible piece of bread. Keep Reading

Super Hero to the Rescue!!!

Inquiring minds want to know…

Do you have a child that doesn’t play with the “typical” gender toys?

I have a little girls that prefers superheros & cars over dolls & barbies and I wouldn’t have it any other way. It’s who she is. I love her little personality.