Sorry or Thanks?

Not sure if I need to say sorry to everyone that takes the sacrament at church after Jessica does, or if I should say thanks for not letting it bother you….For the most part, her hands are clean… most of the time. ha ha …

No matter how many times I tell Jessica that she is to touch only the one piece of  the sacrament bread that she’s going to take; she still wants to pick the biggest piece even if it means digging through all of the bread and touching every possible piece of bread.

Again, sorry to those that Jessica disturbs with her talking during the sacrament… or I guess I should say thanks for acting as if it doesn’t bother you…… It usually goes like this with Jessica saying, “I’m thirsty, I want water or quiero agua” over and over and over again. After taking the water, you’ll hear her say, “I’m still thirsty, I want more”

And…. I’m sorry to the lady that was sitting behind us (don’t know who you were) or should I say thank you for saying it was not a big deal. This past Sunday Jessica was playing with a marker.  She was just shaking it & the cap goes flying off of it and hitting the lady behind us. Oops! Sorry! Jessica got scared and her eyes grew super big as if she were scared that she did something horribly wrong, and then instead of Jessica saying sorry, she started laughing. Oh my! Sorry again sweet lady that was behind us! and.. sorry that my myself and my entire family started laughing as well after Jessica and couldn’t stop laughing.