So it’s taken me over a month to post about my family vacation to Disneyland that we took the last week in December.   I figure I better do this now before I go to Disneyland again in 16 days. This time it’ll be my oldest daughter, her friend & my niece.Gosh I absolutely LOVE Disneyland!!!!Just saying the word DISNEYLAND makes me want to do the happy dance.

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Where to go?

So I was on my way to take Jessica to the sitters home. We get to a T in the road & the car in front of me had a green light – they could either turn left or right. They seemed to take FOREVER to decide which way to turn. So of course, the impatient person that I am, I yell at them (they didn’t hear me, but it’s just my nature to yell at other cars) I yelled at them saying,  “COME ON!!!! TURN ALREADY!!!!”   Keep Reading

Got Carby-Doo?

So for dinner Jessica wanted Chicken with BBQ sauce.

Instead- she asked for “Shiken with Carby-Doo Sauce” HA HA!!!

No matter how many times we said BBQ, she kept saying Carby-Doo!

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High School Homecoming

So I remember way back in the day when I was in high school. The football games were one of the many great times I had in High School.  It was a time to hang out with friends outside of the classroom and just be crazy and cheer for our very popular football team.  (We were the best in the district) It was so much fun just sitting in the bleachers talking to friends and cheering with the pep squad.  Then even more excitement came when it was homecoming, which was like the Superbowl of the NFL.  After the homecoming game was the big dance!!! It was just fun to go from the game straight to the dance.  It was a very casual and a fun atmosphere.  Now… things have changed… not sure if it’s better or worse… maybe a little of both. Keep Reading

Fall Break & Sickness

I went on a much-needed fall break. I actually kept myself busy all week with the exception of one day.  During fall break I sewed two dresses, and made an apron for Jessica. The last time I sewed a dress – was for Ande when she was 3 (13 years ago!) This was actually fun to do! 
Since Jessica didn’t like the dress I made her (because it was pink) she told me to make her a dress with her favorite colors, green & brown. I made her a camouflage dress from a black shirt she had.  She loved it! YAY!!!!

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