More Jessica-isms

Things Jessica has said within the past month….  
If only I was able to keep track of all the crazy things she has said
“I was in the bathroom for a long time because I did the number 2, but the watery kind.”
JESSICA: Why didn’t we go anywhere today?
ME: Because I’m sick
JESSICA: (in a VERY irritated voice) We’ll then I took a bath for NOTHING!

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I had a caffeine craving, so I decided to go get a soda at Circle K . It was after dark and I thought about it a couple of times because the Circle K by my home is all sorts of ghetto gangsta. And obviously not a good place to be alone after dark. But of course my Thirst Buster caffeine addiction got the best of me. 

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I Want a Tattoo!!!

So Jessica asked for 50 cents to buy a temporary tattoo. I told her that she could buy it but was not allowed to put it on her arms. She begged a little until she realized that I wasn’t giving in. Then the conversation went like this….

JESSICA: “Well if I can’t put the tattoo on my arm, can I put it on my butt?” Keep Reading

Spam for Breakfast = Bad Luck!

I hope you all will learn from my experience…..

I woke up with plenty of time to do the three S’s. And wouldn’t you know it, before picking up my daughter from early morning seminary, (bible study for church) I still had some time to feed my addiction.. Facebook!  I check my email and get my youngest up for school. So far so good. Yay for a great, non rushed morning. As anyone with kids know, that is not something that normally happens. Keep Reading