The Mysterious Haircut….

So Jessica (age 5 1/2) comes up to me with meat scissors in her hand. She had asked me if I could cut her hair. I told her I would do it another time with different scissors. I then put her to bed. The next morning I walked into Ande’s (almost 17) bathroom and found Jessica’s curly hair on the floor. Then the conversation went like this…

Me: Jessie, did you cut your hair?
Jessie: No, I didn’t see the scissors in Ande’s bathroom.
Me: *chuckling inside* Oh really? Then why is there hair on the bathroom floor?
Jessie: Uhhhhhmmmmm… Maybe it was Ande
Me: Ande doesn’t have curly hair. Her hair is super straight
Jessie: Well I didn’t do it; Maybe it was dad.
Me: Dad’s hair isn’t that long or curly
Jessie: But YOUR hair is, so maybe it was you.
Me: *chuckling some more* So why did you cut your hair
Jessie: I didn’t cut it
Me: But now the front of your hair is so short (which it wasn’t’..I just said it to get a reaction)
Jessie: *with a confused look on her face* “It’s not short in front because I cut the back of my hair.”
Me: HA! So you did cut your hair
Jessie: I’m mad now because you tricked me, you tricker!
Ha ha