2 Teach is 2 Touch Lives 4 Ever!

So as many of you know, I went from teaching 6th grade to teaching a 3rd grade ELD class at a new school. I absolutely love my new school. The people there are simply amazing and super friendly. The best part is that I went from sitting in a 3 hour staff meeting to only having a 30 minute staff meeting. Woo Hoo for short & to the point meetings!!! Keep Reading

Super Sweet 16


It’s been one month since Ande turned 16. I have been so busy with school, family, PTA meetings, volunteering at Ande’s school and everything in between…  so life has just been crazy busy. Keep Reading

Oh the Life of Camping

We went camping for the Fourth of July weekend near Heber, where my sister Sarai lives. We ate… had a fun time… ate… took lots of pictures… ate… went to the Heber parade… ate… watched fireworks… ate… took Jessica shooting… ate… went to Black Canyon Lake… ate… spent time in Heber with my sister… and of course ate some more.  Camping fun through pictures….

Keep Reading

Help!! Ayuda!!

So I am sitting in the living room and I hear Jessica in her normal voice say “Help”. I didn’t think anything about it. Then I hear her say “Ayuda”, also in her normal voice. I just thought she was practicing her Spanish as I have heard her do in the past. Anyhow… I then start hearing… “Help me, Ayuda me, Help me, Ayuda me, Help me, Ayuda me”. By the 3rd time she was screaming… “HELP ME!!!! AYUDAME!!!” So I jump off the couch to go see what was the matter. Of course.. instead of immediately helping her.. I decided to take a picture…

Ha ha!!! She had climbed on the pantry shelves to look for hot Cheetos & got stuck and didn’t know how to get back down. A part of me feels bad that I laugh at this.. but then again.. it was dang funny!