“Edward Thinks It’s Cool”

When your 5-year-old has been quiet for a long time, you better go investigate because that’s a dangerous thing!  I go check on her in hopes that she’s taking a nap. Hey, a mom can only hope. I see the cap to a marker on the stairs and my heart starts pumping as she’s been known to draw on walls. So what do I find? Definitely her not taking a nap!

Jessica wrote MANY stripes on her arms with a permanent purple marker. I asked her why she did it and she said because Edward (from Twilight) thinks it’s cool. Way funny! This girl makes me laugh every single day.
As I was scrubbing her arms with some gritty soap, her arms were turning red, so she yells at me and says… “Stop it because you’re making me sunburned, but it’s cool because you’re making me shiny like Edward.” HA HA – She’s cracks me up!