Real Life Latina Hi, I’m Edna, a lifestyle blogger, single parent and an awesome failure.  Born and raised in Phoenix, AZ. I am a twice divorced single mother of two girls. (My goal is to get nowhere near Elizabeth Taylor’s 7 divorces – ha) One of my girls is a 10-year-old tomboy and the other is a princess girly-girl married to a fabulous successful man that I adore.   We take a family trip to Disneyland once to twice a year.  I am a teacher… well sort of… My title is Behavior Intervention Specialist which is just a fancy title for Detention & In School Suspension teacher.  I’ve enjoyed that much better than having an actual classroom full of delightful smiling and sometimes not so delightful faces. Oh the stories and memories that come from what I do are sometimes heartbreaking and many times amusing.  I love my job working with kids. My favorite line from a student was being told that I reminded him of a Mexican version of Miss Trunchbull from the movie Matilda.

So here’s some ugly truth about me… I fail at  crafts,  DIY projects, baking and almost always at cooking. However, I don’t let my lack of creativity or failures bring me down especially when my final products look absolutely nothing like I found on Pinterest. ha.  Being a failure at things has made my life awesomely comical. 

I have had lots of bumps and trials in my life but have been able to overcome them all with a smile on face because I have learned that finding the funny in everything as well as through laughter, life  becomes better and less stressful.  I am living proof that Laughter is the Best Medicine.   I double dog dare you to follow me in my journey of over-sharing, single parenting… the good, bad & of course the funny)

{life is better when you’re laughing}