Don’t put eggs in your pockets!

So I took my daughter Jessica,her friend Kenzi & our dog Payson for a walk. I have Payson on a leash, Jessica is on her scooter & Kenzi on a bike. As Kenzi is riding the bike, the tire rim semi breaks and the tire starts wobbling. We left the bike on the sidewalk and continued walking towards the farm that’s a block away from mi casa. We fed the goats & sheep and were just sitting there looking at the rest of the farm animals. The owner comes out and gives each of us an egg from their chicken coop. Man were the girls ecstatic that they got a ‘real’ chicken egg!

Anyhow, it was time for us to head home. Kenzi dropped her egg, but luckily it didn’t break. So I put the egg in my pant pocket and held her hand as we walked home. We stopped to get the bike. I forgot that it was somewhat broken so I told Jessica to get on it. Of course she reminded me that the tire was wobbling and that is was broken. I told her to just get on the bike and that I’d hold the handle so she wouldn’t fall… So, I put yet another egg in my other pant pocket.  Anyhow, It was a good thing that I was holding on to the handle bars because as soon as she got on it, the entire wheel fell off! ha ha ha. I found it rather amusing, but Jessica was upset with me yelling, “I TOLD YOU IT WAS BROKEN!!! YOU NEVER LISTEN TO ME” ha ha


Anyhow, we get home, I turn the TV on and sit on the couch… as soon as I sat down I felt wetness. At least this time it wasn’t from me peeing my pants. Although it was such a nasty feeling. So yes, I do know from experience… Never EVER…. sit down when you have raw eggs in your pocket because it WILL break and make a mess!! HA HA