Allergist – Take 3

So today was my third time to the allergist. I FINALLY got an allergy skin test. I wasn’t able to get the test done before due to various circumstances. Anyhow…. I had a 72 panel test. HOLY COW… they seriously stab your back with SEVENTY-TWO ridiculously sharp needles. YIKES…  I did have to just lay(…)

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Grrrr! Doctors!!!

So back in January I started getting super sick. (if you don’t recall I wrote two posts about it so if your little heart desires you can read them HERE and HERE.) I have seen many many doctors and of course… not one could figure out what was wrong. This past Friday I finally went(…)

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I absolutely hate going to the see a doctor. I am the type of person that usually just suffers through whatever I have until it goes away, but most of the time I just self medicate. Everything a DR will ever give me I have brought back from a Mexico Pharmacy. I have had sinus(…)

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