35 Friend Memories

Deal Julia, remember when….

  1. Tailgating diesels at high-speed on the freeway (Robby or Russ were driving – don’t remember)
  2. Driving on the curb
  3. Knocking over garbage cans with your truck
  4. Having a cool 8 Track in your truck
  5. Pooping in a garbage can in your bedroom & tossing it out the window (gross, but true)
  6. Watching in Living Color
  7. Eating Spaghettios  (YUCK!!)
  8. Jon talking to your boobs instead of your face. ha ha ha
  9. You & Sarai dancing to Billy Jean in your back yard on stationary bikes
  10. Making videos – Lean on Me
  11. My Little Buttercup
  12. Toothpaste on pimples
  13. Competition as to who would kiss the most boys in one year (Sarai beat you by one)
  14. Kissed 3 boys in one night!
  15. Making out with “You Know Who”, while the other “Yon Know Who” was living with “You Know Who” because you thought they were broken up.
  16. Embarrassing big green van
  17. Snow Skiing
  18. Getting pulled over for going 100 miles an hour.  Police spotlights, getting out of your car with your hands up in the air and having parents pick you up because you were under age.
  19. Doing doughnuts in that ugly Pacer with your mom in the car while your mom was yelling at you.
  20. On a stake out at Fry’s on 7th Street spying on “You Know Who”
  21. Hiding Sarai from Loren when she started dating Dustin
  22. Five tickets in one stop! Thank goodness for driving school (Just Kidding Amy)
  23. Dressing up Russ in a your dress
  24. Snollygoster (Wink Wink)
  25. Watching Princess Bride
  26. Being upset at your mom for renting West Side Story & Greese (which turned out to be awesome musicals)
  27. Riding your bike with Sarai to the library just for a Jack in the Box coupon
  28. Paletera begger
  29. Saladito & Lemon hooker
  30. Driving without your license (just kidding Amy)
  31. Moving my car to a different spot in high school because it started with any key
  32. Packing about 15 high schoolers in a Chevette
  33. After Saturday night dances, paying with pennies for hot fudge Sundays
  34. Ditching school to go to the grocery store to find your dad chatting with the cashier about his coupons. You got BUSTED!!!!
  35. Eating Kool-aid with salt

Tuck you in like a shirt

Me : It’s bed time. Jessica, go brush your teeth and then I’ll tuck you in.

Jessica : You’re weird.

Me : Why?

Jessica: Because you said tuck you in.

Me: You know what I meant…. Tuck you in bed.

Jessica: Well then why didn’t you just say bed because you make me think you want to tuck me in like a shirt.

Never a dull moment at home with a 6 year old!

WHO’s doing WHAT to my trampoline?

I’ll start by saying that Jessica has an AMAZING kindergarten teacher.  I know this because Jessica comes home daily telling me what she has learned. I have also volunteered in her classroom on various occasions. Keep Reading

Not Funny… okay, maybe a little.. FINE.. Super Funny!

So I can hear my daughters whispering in the bedroom with the door closed. I just figured Ande (17 yrs old) was putting make-up on Jessica (6 year-old ) and they didn’t want me to know about it. About 15 minutes later, I heard Jessica screaming bloody murder – “HELP! HELP ME! HELP!”  I run downstairs to see what’s going on and I saw this which almost gave me a heart attack….. Keep Reading

YIKES- – Ande has bun in oven!!!

 Yes… you read it correctly. I wanted to be the first to let you know about Ande having a bun in the oven.

She’s growing up so fast. I can’t believe she is now at 17 yrs old to the point of knowing how the bun gets in the oven.

Keep Reading