Oh Ande! I’m not a Whale!

Ande comes in my bedroom as I’m ready to go to sleep & decides to lay her head on my stomach. She then says , “Your tummy was talking” and I said… “Uhm.. really? In what language?” She then makes a gurgling sound and says “in whale”

Yup! That’s my daughter! I told her I was going to blog about it and she said it was fine as long as I wrote that it was Jessica that said it. ha ha.. What a goof!

Anyhow.. this is the same stinking kid that will soon be 16. Yup! SIXTEEN! I can’t believe how quick time has gone by. She is having a Sweet 16 in August (thanks to my family for making it possible) I know it’s soon, but I just got her invitations printed. How soon do they need to go out? Does anyone know of a DJ that isn’t too expensive?

Front of invitation….

Back of the invitation….

To Work or Not to Work….

Many of you fine folks have asked me if I am teaching this coming school year. I feel like a horrible friend for not updating anyone. Yes, I am teaching . I will not be at the same school I was at this past school year. I will however be with the same district but at another school. I will be teaching 3rd grade ELD (English Language Development) at Kenilworth . As of right now I only have 19 students. YAY.

Allergist – Take 3

So today was my third time to the allergist. I FINALLY got an allergy skin test. I wasn’t able to get the test done before due to various circumstances. Anyhow…. I had a 72 panel test. HOLY COW… they seriously stab your back with SEVENTY-TWO ridiculously sharp needles. YIKES…  I did have to just lay there for 17 minutes of HELL! Do you realize how difficult it is for me to ever sit still?  It burned and itched so bad.. I wanted to scratch but I wasn’t allowed to touch my back. It actually wasn’t as bad as it sounds, I just like to over exaggerate. Ha
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Grrrr! Doctors!!!

So back in January I started getting super sick. (if you don’t recall I wrote two posts about it so if your little heart desires you can read them HERE and HERE .) I have seen many many doctors and of course… not one could figure out what was wrong. This past Friday I finally went to a LONG awaited Rheumatologist appointment (3 months wait to be exact)… AND… of course I get the same results… HE DIDN’T KNOW WHAT WAS WRONG! Aghhhh!! Are you kidding me!?!?!??! How is it that doctors can’t figure it out? No wonder they call it practice!! They need more of it! Keep Reading