I Want a Tattoo!!!

So Jessica asked for 50 cents to buy a temporary tattoo. I told her that she could buy it but was not allowed to put it on her arms. She begged a little until she realized that I wasn’t giving in. Then the conversation went like this….

JESSICA: “Well if I can’t put the tattoo on my arm, can I put it on my butt?”

ME: (Trying not to laugh) “WHAT? Of course not!! Why would you want a tattoo on your butt”

JESSICA: “Well I saw a girl bend over and you can see a tattoo on her butt”

ME: (Trying even harder not to laugh) “Yeah, but you don’t need to mark up your body like that”

JESSICA: “But yesterday you said I could only write on my body if it’s where no one can see it.”‘


 (She had gone around the house making her bellybutton “sing”)

Anyhow, we compromised and she was happy with putting the tattoo on the wall in the garage. Yikes! My garage door looks like it’s had one too many hands on it.