Top ten Ande-isms….

Yes… I do believe she really is scatterbrained!

1.  “If a spouse dies, is it like a marriage death divorce?”
2.  Ande broke her toe & later in the day she was singing as I played the piano and she says, “I don’t know why my voice is so scratchy” I said, “It’s because of your toe” and replied with “Oh Really!?”
3.  “ Are hotdogs made of Llamas‎”
4.  Ande made me laugh so hard that I had a bad asthma attack. As I am useing my inhaler, Ande says, “If you died from laughter it would be the perfect way to go… but only for you. My favorite part was when you were laying on the floor not breathing”
5.  I told Ande we were having Chicken Ceaser Salad for dinner and she says,  “Ok, but don’t make it out of lettuce” ha ha ha ha
6.  Ande was on a first date and said to the guy, “Your arms are soft… I can pet it… Like a dog” Then she thinks to herself that it was a dumb thing to say and thought, “I should have said bunny not dog” HA HA HA… Needless to say, that was also her last date with  him. ha ha ha
7.  Me: Where’s District of Columbia?  ANDE: In Columbia?  ME: (laughing) Guess again. Ande: I DON’T KNOW… Is it a store?  One month later…   “Is Oakland a state or is it in Philadelphia?”  ha ha ha ha
8.  I was scolding Jessica because she wouldn’t go to bed.. Then Ande walks in and says, “Whoa Mom.. that was scary, I almost went to bed myself”
9. Ande text me from a Single Adult dance… “I wish this guy would leave me alone so I can look for hot guys”  (She’s not shallow at all -ha)
10.  ANDE : Whoa! I’ve only seen fruit that big in movies.  ME: It’s not fruit it vegetables