I had a caffeine craving, so I decided to go get a soda at Circle K . It was after dark and I thought about it a couple of times because the Circle K by my home is all sorts of ghetto gangsta. And obviously not a good place to be alone after dark. But of course my Thirst Buster caffeine addiction got the best of me. 

I get to Circle K and see a couple of guys outside smoking. I didn’t think anything of it. I always check my surrounding before getting out of the car. I step out of the car. And holy cow, this guy on a bike scared the bejesus out of me. I guess I should have done a 360 with looking at my surroundings. He’s lucky I didn’t pepper spray him!  Anyhow, our conversation went like this…

Guy: Buy me something to drink.
ME: Do you want a coke?
GUY: Miller.
ME: A what?
GUY: Miller Light.
ME: You’re crazy! I’m not about to contribute to your drinking problem.
GUY: Just this once.
ME: (In my most ghetto voice) MAN! You betta’ step off!
GUY: Just one.
ME: BOY! I done told you to step off! Now get on outta my face!
BYSTANDER: “Dang girl you weren’t even scared all up in his face”


I sure did get all ghetto-licious on him!  I think that because I grew up in South Phoenix, I have become accustomed to what’s around me, that certain people really don’t scare me or bother me much. I wouldn’t be scared to walk down the street at night here in the ghetto. But I think it’s funny that I wouldn’t dare walk alone down the street alone in a nice part of Mesa or Scottsdale.  I guess that’s because I’ve never lived there and don’t know the area. It all comes down to where you grew up in.  So I say, “Lets all drink for another reason to have grown u p in South Phoenix!”  Git R Done!!!