Out With The Old… In With The New…

Lots of changes to come for the new year. Starting over isn’t always what we want to do, but sometimes it’s for the best. I know that me starting my life over with just Jessica is a decision that was not taken lightly. After much prayer, pondering, tears & counseling…. I know without a doubt that my decision to move forward with just Jessica & I was the right one. I know that the Lord will continue to guide me if I continue to allow him in my life.

Jessica & I have moved into a new home. I’m super excited to be closer to my parents. YAHOO! I love my mommy & daddy!  My parents purchased a home in mid December to rent out & it worked out perfect for me as I was going to look for a place during the month of January. They fixed it up and it was ready for me to move in on the last weekend of December. What a blessing that everything just happened at the same time & I did not have to deal with finding a place to rent. My parents had been looking to purchase a house to rent out for almost a year. If they would have found it any earlier, they would be renting it out to a stranger right now & I would be in a panic looking for a place to live. It’s amazing how the Lord hands you what you need when your life is in order. I cherish these tender mercies! Keep Reading

Game Over

Brace yourself because there’s nothing funny about this post. Sometimes life throws you a curve ball. At times we are expecting it and others, it hits you out of nowhere. In my case, there was a curve ball that was thrown at me several years ago, but instead of catching it I kept dodging it in hopes that it wouldn’t hit me and just go away.  But I learned that we can‘t hide forever because it WILL one day catch up to you.  And sadly, it caught up to me 4 months ago.

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As many of you know how clumsy I am, I’m sure this is of no surprise… About 10 minutes after we got to Disneyland, I was walking (more like skipping) very  joyfully …. and wouldn’t you know it… a magical pole ran right into me. It truly was magical because after I fell I pretty much saw stars, pixy dust, fireworks and even little birds going in circles above my head. I may have gotten a goose egg, but you should have seen the dent I put in that pole. Talk about TKO!

Goose Egg

Disneyland with friends & family through pictures…. Ahhh… So magical


Cole Loper Disneyland Disney Army Disney Autopia Holt Disney Autopia Disney Carden   Disney Eating Ice Cream Disney Ferris Wheel Disney Holts Disney Jess

Disney Resting

These kiddos were laughing until they saw the camera and decided to pretend they were upset. Kids… gotta love em’

Disney Cole Kids

Disney Scared Jess Disney Ladybug Disney Marley & Jess Disney Mar & Jess     Disney Toontown


I promise to not promise!

Jessie:  Can you buy me something?

Me: Only if you promise to follow directions and to be good.

Jessie: (in a very hesitant tone) Uhhhhm… Well… Uhhhh…. Well… Uh.. Ok! I promise to follow directions and to be good. BUT I can’t promise to keep that promise.