How to survive a vacation on $80 *Part 2*

If you didn’t read part 1.. you can read it HERE..

In case you haven’t read and still don’t want to read part 1, here’s a recap…. Vacation in a different state + 3 days with me & 4 kids + No debit card + Lost credit card + only $80 cash = Frugal survival mode.  Alright… now that you’re up to speed… here’s part 2…

Part 2 of the Shenanigans continue:

Oh Monday morning…. if it wasn’t one thing, it was another.  The outcome of the wheels turning non-stop ALL night resulted in waking up with a horrendous headache. UGH! I wanted to stay in bed and just sleep for the rest of the month. But… of course I couldn’t do that because I had heathen kids that were ready to conquer the day at an amusement park.

As I’m driving to Knotts Berry Farm,  it dawned on me that I had to pay $15 for parking. Oh my gosh!!! I only had $40 for this day. What was I going to do now? That meant I was down to $25 cash for Tuesday’s budgeted money.   Eeekkk!  But don’t fret because all was well. I had taken (more like snuck out) bread from the hotel breakfast room.  Oddly enough, I happened to have single serve peanut butter & jelly… so the kids could have lunch in the amusement park.  Yup! Frugal at it’s best!

Knott's Berry Farm

Knott’s Berry Farm


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How to survive a vacation on $80 *Part 1*

Have you ever planned a vacation but never got excited about it? Well, that was me. The entire time I was planning, I was bummed because it wasn’t Disneyland that I was going to. I actually didn’t start packing until several hours prior to my trip. That my friends, turned out to be a big mistake because I forgot to take along with me something super important. More about that a tad later.

I decided to take 4 kids with me to Knotts Berry Farm; ages 10, 12, 13 & 14.  Yeah, I know… I’ve heard it A LOT…”What were you thinking?” So the road trip started out great… No issues, Kids were happy & we were on schedule. *prayer answered*  Yes, as a matter of fact I did make a schedule of our trip which even included where we’d stop for gas and food. Ha. Hey, with 4 kids and 1 adult that behaves like a kid… I had to make sure everything ran smoothly. No making fun… but here it is…

No making fun of my silly schedule. ha

Keep in mind…. I was alone with 4 heathens… I mean kids so I had to make them feel like it was a school field trip since kids respect teachers more than family. hahaha


Day 1 Shenanigans:

We get to our first stop to pump gas. Wouldn’t you know it… that’s when I realized I forgot that important thing I should have taken with me. What do you think it was? If you guessed my debit card, you guessed correctly! I was kinda bummed, however I didn’t freak out because I had my moms credit card that she let me use in case an emergency came up. *prayer answered* Well I would consider my negligence of forgetting my debit card a slight emergency.  After our bathroom break we were once again on the road right on schedule.

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Blended Conference 2015


Blended Conference


Have you ever attended a blog conference? If you have, then you know about all the learning and excitement that comes with it!  If you haven’t….. Now’s your opportunity so don’t let this conference slip away.  I actually have never been to a blog conference, however, I have been to several blogger meet ups, social media events and I’ve gone as a guest of my friend Laura from Pink Cake Plate to a blog conference. I didn’t attend the actual conference, I did however enjoy the amazing conference perks at Disneyland.

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Disney Side @Home Celebration


How do you show your Disney Side?

Have you ever had that moment of anticipation where you are anxiously waiting for an email? Well that was me not long ago. I finally got an email saying that I was selected to host a #DisneySide party. Thanks to Mom Select and Disney Parks for this wonderful opportunity. Then came the constant look-out for the good-looking UPS man with fingers crossed that he’d soon deliver my Disney Side package as I was anxious to start the party planning.  There was so much excitement in getting things ready for the villains theme DisneySide @Home Celebration.

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AZ Caballero Dairy Farm

I recently had an awesome opportunity to tour a family owned and operated dairy farm in Southern AZ.  The Caballero Farm in Eloy, AZ to be exact.  Craig Caballero (owner and 2nd generation dairy farmer) was kind enough to show us [a group of Blended Extended bloggers] all about life on a dairy farm.  I have never met anyone with so much love and dedication to their work like Mr. Caballero himself.  It’s not just his job, it’s his passion & his life.  It’s simply udderly amazing. Yeah, that was a corny pun. Hearing him talk about all the details of dairy-farming was amazing and impressive, I was ready to put on my boots and start dairy-farming myself.  With a job so demanding & challenging, you know they must have good people working there. So if anyone knows a single dairy farmer… feel free to send him in my direction :) ha.

Caballero Dairy Farm

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