Random Act of Kindness

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Dear Anonymous,

I got home from an exhausting day to find a mini grocery store on my front porch. Your Random Act of Kindness brought a HUGE smile to my face and what you did  was much appreciated. This may sound really horrible of me to say but I had a mix of emotions all at the same time when I saw all the awesomeness that you left for my daughter and myself. I was a tad angry but in a good, happy, baffled and humbled way all at the same time.   The only reason I was a tad angry (but in a good way) was because you didn’t leave a note saying who you were. How in the world could I thank you or repay you for what you did if you didn’t let yourself known. Grrrrr…. I was baffled because why  in the world would someone do this for me? I for sure was humbled and shed a tear or 20-ish.


Random Acts of Kindness

Bags of Kindness


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What is Your Parenting Style

Do you ever search the internet for something and get side tracked and start looking at other things? Yeah, I do that often with many things. The latest was a couple of days ago when I came across a rather interesting blog post. This particular mom posted about 7 things that don’t fly in her house.  When I read the title I had a flashback on what my mom never allowed in our home growing up. One of the many things were candy cigarettes.  I remember my rebel sister getting in so much trouble for buying a pack from the ice cream man. My dad took them out her hand and threw them in the trash. It makes me chuckle now.  Did you ever have these? And did you pretend to smoke them? My siblings and I would secretly buy them when my parents weren’t watching and acted like we were smoking them, you know, because that was cool back then. hahaha. (Mom & Dad, Si están leyendo esto, lo que he dicho no es verdad. jaja. Nosotros “nunca” compraríamos estos secretamente y pretender fumarlos)


Anyhow, the title to her post was intriguing and of course I like to be intrigued and so I read her post.  Kudos to that mom for pulling me in with just her title.

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Back to School Laptop Giveaway

When did your kiddos start school? My daughter started school on July 31st. I’m sure most kids are back to school with a few that don’t start back until after Labor Day. So you want to hear some AWESOME news?? We are celebrating the start of a new school year with a Back to School Laptop Giveaway!


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ALS Ice Bucket Challenge

Just recently I posted on FB saying,Social Media is all blown up with a kinda silly but very popular ALS Ice Bucket Challenge.”   In talking to people on and off social media, it turns out the majority of people are okay with the challenge. However, there are some that say it’s dumb, dumping water isn’t going to cure ALS,  it’s a waste of water, they’re tired of seeing it all over social media…. and so on.  No matter what a situation may be, there will ALWAYS be people for and against everything. And I see it as the awareness for ALS is working. Due to people being annoyed with it, that just means the word about ALS (Lou Gehrig’s disease) has gotten out.  There are many ways that we can get involved and help ALS and one of them is with the Ice Bucket Challenge that has been very successful.  I actually had no idea what ALS was until after the Ice Bucket Challenge went viral.

Back tracking to those that say the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge is a waste of water…. What’s not to say that a long shower or brushing your teeth while the water is just running is not wasteful?  The Bucket Challenge actually has a purpose.    I’m sure not all the people dumping water on their heads may not be able to afford to donate any or much money, but someone watching it may be able to donate.  It’s unreal and amazing how within a few weeks of people raising money in a fun way has brought out donations from tens of thousands of people to raise millions of dollars for ALS research.  Due to that as well as the awareness of ALS, I find the Ice Bucket challenge a huge Success!


ALS Awareness

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Fry’s Food & President Cheese

Disclaimer: I was invited to attend a blogger event at Fresh Attractions Cooking School.  It was a Fry’s and President Cheese sponsored event.  I received free product to thank me for participating. All thoughts and opinions are my own.  

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Fresh Attractions Cooking School Fry's

OH MY GOSH! Yes.. I am full of all sorts of excitement. I went to THEE best and most amazing grocery store I have ever seen.   I seriously never would have imagined that a grocery store could be so fantastically amazing! Fry’s Signature Marketplace has outdone itself.  WOWZERS!   My excitement of this Fry’s started in the parking lot. Ha.. Oh yes it did. They have a hand car wash there. Holy cow!!  How awesome is that. You get to Fry’s in a dirty car; do your shopping and walk out to a freshly squeaky clean car. Oh and it gets better, for those of you that live where it’s hot, like here in Phoenix. They have covered parking. Yeah really! Covered parking! Oh the simple things that make me happy. 

Oh it gets even better… As soon as I walked in, there was this BEAUTIFUL lounge. WHAT? Yes… you heard me right. A lounge.  Keep Reading