AZ State Fair


Have you been to the Arizona State Fair? I go every year and love to spend quality time with my family. The Arizona State Fair runs from October 10 – November 2, 2014. They are open Wednesdays – Sundays. They are featuring the best value in concerts, entertainment, exhibits, contests, and thrill rides. You can find specific details at .

If you know me, you know that I am super frugal and like to save money in everything I do. So I know you’re asking how I do it. Well the Arizona State Fair has so many wonderful discounts that you can take advantage of. The days I prefer to go to the Arizona State Fair are on Wednesdays. For instance, if you get to the fair between noon and 6 pm you can get in free with a specified donation. I’ll be at the fair next Wednesday, Oct 22, and by donating a pair gently used jeans, tennis shoes, and backpacks (which will go to St. Vincent de Paul) my family will get in free. Seriously? Who doesn’t have an extra pair of jeans that they no longer wear?   So make sure to check out the Arizona State Fair discount page so you can find what discount will work for you.

There’s even better news. I know, how is that even possible right? Did you know that kids can ride for free ?  Yes, you heard me right. Kids ages 5 to 14 can ride for free by filling out this short book report .

You know how everyone likes to eat fair food. Yes that can get pricey but there’s a way around it where you can taste all sorts of fair food at a minimal cost. Check out the $2 Taste of the Fair List of all 93 different items. How crazy awesome is that!!!??

What’s your favorite thing about the fair? Rides? Concerts? Food? Entertainment? Exhibits? Inquiring minds want to know.


  Disclaimer:  I was provided admission to the fair for my family for participating.  All thoughts and opinions are my own. 


Microwave Dinner Caught Fire

Do you eat microwave dinners? Well I am on the run a lot, not like on the run from the police but I always have something to do. Yes I will say with out one bit of shame that I eat microwave dinners more often than I should admit to. ha  Being a single parent with one child at home, it sometimes is just cheaper to eat that way especially since she’s SO darn picky but I have no one to blame but myself.  Oh and of course it’s also easier to pop something in the microwave than to cook. (Call me lazy or busy… I’ll accept both)

Let me tell you about the time I was in the teacher’s lounge at school. It had been a very long and busy morning. Teachers only get a 30 minute lunch break so I was anxious to hurry and eat my lunch.  As the Healthy Choice Baked Lasagna with Meat Sauce was put in the microwave, I started talking to a co-worker. I glanced at the microwave because I thought I saw it flicker. I kept talking to my co-worker and then within 1 minute or so of the a Healthy Choice Lasagna being in the microwave I did another double take because I thought I saw something flicker in the microwave again. I then jumped up out of my seat and yelled, “FIRE!! HOLY CRAP! THERE’S A FIRE”.  I saw flames so I sprinted on over to the rescue, unfortunately I wasn’t wearing my super hero cape and as a result was not able to salvage the food or keep the smoke from spreading through out the teacher’s lounge.  It was amazing how much smoke the small portion of the burnt tray caused.


 Congra Food Healthy Choice Fire

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Random Act of Kindness

(Scroll to the bottom for Spanish… desplácese hacia abajo para españo l)

Dear Anonymous,

I got home from an exhausting day to find a mini grocery store on my front porch. Your Random Act of Kindness brought a HUGE smile to my face and what you did  was much appreciated. This may sound really horrible of me to say but I had a mix of emotions all at the same time when I saw all the awesomeness that you left for my daughter and myself. I was a tad angry but in a good, happy, baffled and humbled way all at the same time.   The only reason I was a tad angry (but in a good way) was because you didn’t leave a note saying who you were. How in the world could I thank you or repay you for what you did if you didn’t let yourself known. Grrrrr…. I was baffled because why  in the world would someone do this for me? I for sure was humbled and shed a tear or 20-ish.


Random Acts of Kindness

Bags of Kindness


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What is Your Parenting Style

Do you ever search the internet for something and get side tracked and start looking at other things? Yeah, I do that often with many things. The latest was a couple of days ago when I came across a rather interesting blog post. This particular mom posted about 7 things that don’t fly in her house.  When I read the title I had a flashback on what my mom never allowed in our home growing up. One of the many things were candy cigarettes.  I remember my rebel sister getting in so much trouble for buying a pack from the ice cream man. My dad took them out her hand and threw them in the trash. It makes me chuckle now.  Did you ever have these? And did you pretend to smoke them? My siblings and I would secretly buy them when my parents weren’t watching and acted like we were smoking them, you know, because that was cool back then. hahaha. (Mom & Dad, Si están leyendo esto, lo que he dicho no es verdad. jaja. Nosotros “nunca” compraríamos estos secretamente y pretender fumarlos)


Anyhow, the title to her post was intriguing and of course I like to be intrigued and so I read her post.  Kudos to that mom for pulling me in with just her title.

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