Disney Side @Home Celebration


How do you show your Disney Side?

Have you ever had that moment of anticipation where you are anxiously waiting for an email? Well that was me not long ago. I finally got an email saying that I was selected to host a #DisneySide party. Thanks to Mom Select and Disney Parks   for this wonderful opportunity. Then came the constant look-out for the good-looking UPS man with fingers crossed that he’d soon deliver my Disney Side package as I was anxious to start the party planning.  There was so much excitement in getting things ready for the villains theme DisneySide @Home Celebration.

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AZ Caballero Dairy Farm

I recently had an awesome opportunity to tour a family owned and operated dairy farm in Southern AZ.  The Caballero Farm in Eloy, AZ to be exact.  Craig Caballero (owner and 2nd generation dairy farmer) was kind enough to show us [a group of Blended Extended bloggers] all about life on a dairy farm.  I have never met anyone with so much love and dedication to their work like Mr. Caballero himself.  It’s not just his job, it’s his passion & his life.  It’s simply udderly amazing. Yeah, that was a corny pun. Hearing him talk about all the details of dairy-farming was amazing and impressive, I was ready to put on my boots and start dairy-farming myself.  With a job so demanding & challenging, you know they must have good people working there. So if anyone knows a single dairy farmer… feel free to send him in my direction 🙂 ha.

Caballero Dairy Farm

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Chorizo Spam does not cure Hanger

I didn’t get a lunch break today and my 10-year-old didn’t like her school lunch. We’re home from school and we’re hungry.  I guess I should rephrase that… my daughter is beyond hungry, she is past the point of being hangry. Holy cow balls… if that girl isn’t fed right away when she’s hungry she becomes some crazy outrageous animal that you can’t control . haha..   Well not really, but I do sometimes just want to lock her up in a cage until dinner is made.  Do you have a hangry person in your home? How the heck do you deal with it? I REALLY need to know!

Anyhow, she comes up to me super hangry with tears rolling down her face holding 2 Tapatio packs and repeats the same thing over and over and OVER, “This is ALL I ate at school today! I’M HUNGRY!”  Secretly I wanted to laugh but instead I did what a good mother would do so I quickly snapped a picture of the hangry moment”, which of course made her angrier. hahaha…..

Very Hangry Child

Very Hangry Child… Can you see the tear?

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Hollywood Wax Museum Discount


Have you been to the Hollywood Wax Museum? It’s been many years since I have been but I do remember the wonderful fun and memories that were made with my familia while touring the Wax Museum.  I am anxious to go back in a little less than 2 months.  My 10-year-old daughter is excitingly counting down the days to her first trip to the Hollywood Wax Museum. It’s amazing how you are able able to get right next to some of the realistic wax figures and take pictures with them. My daughter said she wants to fake out her friends and say she meet celebrities while in California. Keep Reading

TMI: I Often Pee My Pants!

My daughter was jumping on the trampoline and I decided to join her. As I was getting on the trampoline she says, “MOM! No! Don’t jump because I don’t want you to pee on my trampoline” Ha.. True Story! So as I was jumping on the trampoline with my daughter, I had to constantly stop and cross my legs so I wouldn’t pee myself.   Ha.. Anyhow, I eventually had to run to the bathroom a couple times because I had bladder leakage.   I will tell ya that I have never been so grateful for Poise pantyliners. ha  They have been lifesavers.  It’s crazy how woman can hold a baby up in there but can’t control this dang urine!

Keep calm and don't pee your pants!

Keep calm and don’t pee your pants!


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