The whole truth and nothing but the truth

I asked Jessica a question.. now don’t get me wrong.. I think my daughter is absolutely beautiful but we were messing around and being silly so the end of the conversation went like this….

Me: Jessica… why are you so ugly?

Jessica: (In a grunting and almost yelling voice and in a drawn out way blurted out…)

Cause somebody messed me up! AARRRRR!”

She really did grunt! It was hilarious!!

Girls Just a Wanna Have Fun!

This past Friday I didn’t have school! YAY for the wonderful much needed break !… but Ande did have school so Jessica and I decided to take Ande lunch to school. Although she was very happy and excited about us taking her lunch.. she was however embarrassed and didn’t want me & Jessica to eat lunch with her & her friends. Go figure! 
So Jessica & I decided to eat by our lonesome and went to the Park for a picnic. The weather was amazing (low 80’s) …. and once again, the ducks and geese were aggressive. But that didn’t stop us from feeding them and then running away from those pesky little geese. After our little picnic, we walked to the library and read books as well as played in the kid section.

I had a several errands to run so Jessica & I went to the grocery store and did several other things. I then decided to go back to Ande’s school and take her out of school early. Of course she was pleased with that.
We then went to meet my sister Sylvia & her daughter Amanda at the theater where we saw the new Hannah Montana movie. Surprisingly, we all actually liked it and Jessica stood still for the ENTIRE show. Jessica & I have now jumped on the Hannah Montana bandwagon! Yee Haw! There were two songs in the movie that were tear jerkers.  Sylvia, Ande & myself were trying to hold back our tears to hide them from each other… then we realized that we were all secretly crying. Kinda funny! Anyhow, the two songs were Butterfly Fly Away & The Climb.  The other song that was super fun was The Howdown Throwdown. How long do you think it would take you to learn that line dance??

After our movie we decided to walk through the parking lot to Texas Roadhouse. On the way to the restaurant we stopped for pictures or to do silly things. It turns out that I apparently have NO idea how to climb a tree! But give me a break… at least I failed trying!


Ande hanging like a monkey


Amanda the tree hugger

Jessica was really as scared as she looked!

My wonderful sister & her daughter

After dinner, which I got for free because I “nicely” complained about the poor eating experience and this time it had nothing to do with my children’s behavior. ha ha.. Anyhow, we slowly wobbled back to our car that we left on the complete opposite side of the parking lot. We just stood by the car and talked and talked and talked some more. Somehow we started doing those hand/song thingamajigs that we did back in grade school. We were trying to remember how we used to do the Dr Pepper song back in the 80’s…. Do you remember that one? Anyhow, we almost got it, but still need to work on the hand moves and the correct words. I know it sounds super silly, but we actually had a nifty time!

After our fun time in the parking lot – we went to Target to walk off all the food we ate. We were there for a couple of hours. CRAZY! Then it all hit us at the same time… we were all exhausted so we decided to head home around 9:00 pm. It was a super long day but it was so much fun to hang out with just us girls.

Amanda came home with me which made Jessica super happy to have someone to play with all weekend. They played a lot of board games… jumped on the trampoline… colored Easter eggs, made resurrection cookies and just hung out.

On Sunday we went to church and then went to my aunts home for yummy dinner (ribs, carne asada & ham) and an Easter egg hunt for kids and adults. The confetti eggs are the funnest but messiest.

Hoedown Throwdown – Miley Cyrus (This would be so much fun to learn!)


Look at your arm!

Jessica (4 1/2 yrs old) was rubbing my arm (so I thought).  She does this often so I didn’t think anything of it. I then hear laughter from her as she tells me to look at my arm. So I look and see nothing. She then points me to the specific spot to look at. I said, “GROSS!!! Did you just put a booger on me?” and as she’s laughing she tells me no, that our dog did it.

WHAT? How is it funny to put a booger on your mom and then lie about it and blame it on the dog. Aye Aye Aye!

Scripture Cookies

For Family Home Evening we made scripture cookies. (or at least attempted – ha) I thought it was a rather clever idea. Jessica, mMy youngest daughter, doesn’t usually sit still for FHE but this time she did. (yay) We read the scriptures and tried to figure out the ingredients. Jessica was able to pour in the ingredients and turn the Kitchen Aid on and off. It was a great success….. until I realized I didn’t have oats! YIKES! No oats for oatmeal cookies… hmmm.. what should one do? I had the brilliant idea of using 4 packages of the single pack instant oats. It didn’t turn out as great as regular oats would have but the cookies were still surprisingly good and edible. Keep Reading

QT Flirting

As I was getting gas at Quick Trip, I sent Ande in to buy me a yummy ice cold DR Pepper with that scrumptious crushed ice. She walks out of the store laughing. She proceeds to tell me the following story….. (yes, I am having her quote it word for word)
So I walked in to QT and then the cash register dude was like “hello” so I smiled. “How are you?”he said. “Fine, thanks” I said. As I kept walking to the fountain drink area he was like, “I like your bag” and I just laughed… “ha ha ha ha”….

As I approached the cash register counter, I put my rice crispy treat and soda on the counter and he said, “79 cents” and I said, “Oh?, what about the soda?” He said “heh heh, don’t worry about it, I got it” and I said “Thanks!!”

Then he said, “So do you go to school around here?” And I said “yeah Chavez” He then said, “Oh so what are you, a Senior?” And I said, “Ha! Nope, Sophomore” and he said “Oh, ha ha.. you’re a young one” and then I just said thank you and walked out laughing.


So… older men are flirting with my daughter. Ande doesn’t believe that what this guy was doing was flirting. Wouldn’t you consider that flirting? I sure would. At least I got a free soda out of it. ha ha.. actually… even though I laugh.. it does at times scare me because many times I have had to tell grown men to not check Ande out because she is under age. Seriously… many men just gawk at her and it totally grosses both Ande & I out!