Allergist – Take 3

So today was my third time to the allergist. I FINALLY got an allergy skin test. I wasn’t able to get the test done before due to various circumstances. Anyhow…. I had a 72 panel test. HOLY COW… they seriously stab your back with SEVENTY-TWO ridiculously sharp needles. YIKES…  I did have to just lay there for 17 minutes of HELL! Do you realize how difficult it is for me to ever sit still?  It burned and itched so bad.. I wanted to scratch but I wasn’t allowed to touch my back. It actually wasn’t as bad as it sounds, I just like to over exaggerate. Ha

I was tested for 12 types of foods and I was NOT allergic to any of them. YAY!  I was tested for pollen type allergies as well. It turns out that I am allergic to 19 of the 60 things I was tested for. (not too shabby!) Of course I have no idea what the things I’m allergic to are. Heck, I even looked it up online and all the bushes and trees and grasses all look the same to me. Anyhow…. these are the types of pollen that I’m allergic to, and the first 13 I’m extremely highly allergic to… So if ya’ll wanna kill me fast.. just tie me to one of these trees or bushes… Heck.. make it faster and just light that thing of fire!

  • Ash


  • Olive Tree (I wasn’t tested for olives… does this mean I could be allergic to olives? ha)



  • Privet



  • Wingscale



  • Lamb Quarters ( Not the kind that go.. bah bah)



  • Russian Thistle (This one sounds scary! ha ha)



  • Firebrush



  • Cat Hair (It’s a good thing I am not a cat person! I was way excited that I wasn’t allergic to my dog)



  • Alfalfa



  • Redroot – Pigweed (pigweed? Could I get swine flu from this? ha ha)



  • Pernnial Rye



  • Mesquite (Would I still be able to cook with this stuff while camping? Food tastes yum yum delicious cooked with mesquite!)



  • Histamine (Isn’t this something that my own body produces?)



  • Box Elder Maple (Is this where maple syrup comes from?)



  • Bermuda Grass



  • Johnson Grass



  • Western Ragweed



  • Careless Weed (does this mean weeds that aren’t cared for, because those are the types of weeds I have at home)



  • Cocklebur (This one just sounds funny to say… Cocklebur – huh huh)


Anyhow… I seriously have no idea what most of these things look like. I am assuming a lot of these trees/bushes/plants are things that I would find while camping… Hmmm… do ya really think this will stop me from going camping? NOPE… I would love to go camping every weekend if I could. I guess next time I go camping I will just have to take LOTS of drugs with me.

In about a month I will start taking allergy shots twice a week for the first month – then once a week then 1 every two weeks and eventually just once a month. Until then, I will be taking 2 different types of antihistamine – Xyzal, Atarax, and using Nasonex.

Anyhow, I am happy that one thing is now figured out about my mysterious illness… lets just hope that the Rhumetologist or my good for nothing doctor can figure out something when my blood work comes in.

What are you allergic to?