Grrrr! Doctors!!!

So back in January I started getting super sick. (if you don’t recall I wrote two posts about it so if your little heart desires you can read them HERE and HERE .) I have seen many many doctors and of course… not one could figure out what was wrong. This past Friday I finally went to a LONG awaited Rheumatologist appointment (3 months wait to be exact)… AND… of course I get the same results… HE DIDN’T KNOW WHAT WAS WRONG! Aghhhh!! Are you kidding me!?!?!??! How is it that doctors can’t figure it out? No wonder they call it practice!! They need more of it!

So- the Rheumatologist simply just scratched his head and said, “Well, looks like I have to do more investigative work” GREAT! So now I have to go back to the lab to get MORE blood work. Of course he told me to get my blood work now since I haven’t taken the Prednisone in one week. (steroids.. good stuff!) I won’t be able to go get blood work until next Saturday and since I am not supposed to be on the steroids when I get my blood work, I am feeling the effects of it… not a good thing!

Anyhow, I started taking steroids 12 pounds ago… YUP! I’ve gained 12 lbs on that stuff (since February). Since the doctors can’t cure me they instead just cover up my symptoms with steroids. Don’t get me wrong… that drug does wonders… after all – my symptoms disappear when I am on the steroids… however… If I don’t take the steroids.. the symptoms come right back. Anyhow, lucky for me, the Rheumatologist gave me more steroids… of course for the same reason.. Can’t cure… lets just cover it up and pretend you’re cured! GRRRR!!! I’m not bitter… just a tad frustrated.

Have I ever mentioned how much I don’t like doctors?  I seriously have always been afraid to see a doctor in Mexico and have said I would NEVER do it… but good grief.. I am so dang desperate right now that I am seriously thinking about it because I have no faith in these dang doctors. Hence me always self diagnosing and self medicate!

Anyhow.. I did take a steroid pill on Saturday to get rid of all the bumps on my body & mainly face but they came back today because I didn’t take the drugs today. I NEED drugs! It’s gonna be super difficult not to take drugs.  I can’t wait till I get my blood work so I can start taking my drugs on a regular basis again! DRUGS I tell you Drugs!!! Gosh.. I sound like a drug addict… Anyhow.. the picture shows the first signs of the break out… yup.. it gets worse !

This is what I should like….


But this is what I look like today..


It HURTS.. It ITCHES… It’s UGLY  Seriously.. the bumps on my face are so much worse than they look here.