To Work or Not to Work….

Many of you fine folks have asked me if I am teaching this coming school year. I feel like a horrible friend for not updating anyone. Yes, I am teaching . I will not be at the same school I was at this past school year. I will however be with the same district but at another school. I will be teaching 3rd grade ELD (English Language Development) at Kenilworth . As of right now I only have 19 students. YAY.

I spent two entire days at my new school for vocabulary training. It was pretty dang good – I actually learned a lot and didn’t fall asleep during my 16 hours of training. ha ha… Anyhow, the staff there is insanely friendly and they were super welcoming, which of course made me feel nifty.
Anyhow, I walked around the school just to get a feel of it.. and the feel I got was spooky! Yes, SPOOKY! As I walked, the floors creaked and it just gave me the willies. So hopefully when it’s full of students I won’t be so freaked out about being there. I’ve been told that the school is haunted. Eeeekkk.  The school is so dang old. It is a historic building (89 years old) so, even though I was creeped out, the building is insanely beautiful. I am excited to be teaching little kiddies – but at the same time I am going to miss teaching my amazing 6th graders.
Even though I enjoy teaching, I really need a break! I should have gotten 2 months off for the summer – but after trainings and teaching summer school, I am only getting 2 1/2 weeks off. Anyhow, I guess the extra $$ will come in handy… Lunch anyone?