TMI: I Often Pee My Pants!

My daughter was jumping on the trampoline and I decided to join her. As I was getting on the trampoline she says, “MOM! No! Don’t jump because I don’t want you to pee on my trampoline” Ha.. True Story! So as I was jumping on the trampoline with my daughter, I had to constantly stop and cross my legs so I wouldn’t pee myself.   Ha.. Anyhow, I eventually had to run to the bathroom a couple times because I had bladder leakage.   I will tell ya that I have never been so grateful for Poise pantyliners. ha  They have been lifesavers.  It’s crazy how woman can hold a baby up in there but can’t control this dang urine!

Keep calm and don't pee your pants!

Keep calm and don’t pee your pants!


I know darn well I am not the only mother out there that pees her pants when I sneeze, laugh and cough… If I am, please let me keep believing that it happens to many women out there! ha Although it’s just uncomfortable at times and because of my warped sense of humor, sometimes it’s just flat out funny, unfortunately it’s so funny that I can’t stop laughing and that small bladder leakage becomes a full out pee session.  And that my friends is when it becomes awkward because it happens when you least expect it and at the worst possible time.

Did you read about the last time I wrote about incontinence?  If you didn’t, you missed out on a funny story (although not funny at the time because it was ridiculously painful. ha).So… go read it now but let me warn you, you may pee your pants from laughing. ha.  And hopefully after reading about my agonizing error, you will learn from my mistake! I’d love to know if  something like that has ever happened to you.  I enjoy hearing about funny experiences because after all, Life IS better when you’re laughing!

So I was talking to a friend that deals with the same incontinence issues that I do and she that told me that in France they actually have a vagina gym. Hahaha.  Have you ever heard of such a thing? haha..  Maybe we should bring that gym to the U.S.!  I would stay away from doing a Google search on Vagina Gym because you may run into porn.  Eeek!

{life is better when you’re laughing}