Chorizo Spam does not cure Hanger

I didn’t get a lunch break today and my 10-year-old didn’t like her school lunch. We’re home from school and we’re hungry.  I guess I should rephrase that… my daughter is beyond hungry, she is past the point of being hangry. Holy cow balls… if that girl isn’t fed right away when she’s hungry she becomes some crazy outrageous animal that you can’t control . haha..   Well not really, but I do sometimes just want to lock her up in a cage until dinner is made.  Do you have a hangry person in your home? How the heck do you deal with it? I REALLY need to know!

Anyhow, she comes up to me super hangry with tears rolling down her face holding 2 Tapatio packs and repeats the same thing over and over and OVER, “This is ALL I ate at school today! I’M HUNGRY!”  Secretly I wanted to laugh but instead I did what a good mother would do so I quickly snapped a picture of the hangry moment”, which of course made her angrier. hahaha…..

Very Hangry Child

Very Hangry Child… Can you see the tear?


Yes, my child does in fact take (ketchup size) Tapatio packets to school to add flavor to the bland school cafeteria food. #LatinaProblems

So in trying to decide  what to make for dinner that was quick and easy, I remembered I had Spam. The last time I was at the grocery store something caught my attention. I couldn’t believe my eyes. I love to eat Spam. I love to eat Chorizo… and wouldn’t you know it…. I had found the combination of both! Two in One!!! WOW! I was beyond excited.  Like seriously….  It was a glory moment of loud Woo Hoo’s in the grocery store! Well not loud enough to get kicked out but loud enough to embarrass my 10-year-old.  She says, “Mom! Seriously? Don’t you know there are people watching?” Yeah… no one was on the isle we were on.  (not that it would’ve made a difference to my reaction, ha) Anyhow, I am a tad over dramatic person and do get excited over the smallest things. So yes, this combo of Chorizo & Spam was the highlight of my shopping trip.

Spam Chorizo

Chorizo Spam

Did I mention I love to eat Spam…. I like it fried the best.. just plain straight from the pan. Although a Spam sandwich is pure yummers! My mouth just salivates thinking about it. Oh YEAH baby!  My daughter likes to eat Spam straight from the can with Tapatio hot sauce. SHOCKER! ha  How do you like to eat Spam.. or do you stay away from it? Anyhow,  I tried several ways for us to eat the Chorizo Spam for dinner but nothing was hitting the spot.

  1. Chorizo Spam by itself
  2. Chorizo Spam Sandwich
  3. Chorizo Spam with eggs
  4. Chorizo Spam buriito

I almost tried it with diced potatoes but by that time my hangry daughter was about to chew my head off.   I tell ya.. Spam either gets me pulled over by the police (whole other story you can read here … or turns a sweet, funny girl into a hangry animal. ha)  Anyhow,  Chorizo Spam was not what I had expected.  Actually, I really don’t know what I expected but it for sure was not the Spam I once knew and enjoyed.  It actually smelled good…. almost like chorizo but not completely. It kept yelling out… “I taste like chorizo.. Eat Me! Eat Me!!!” However, it sadly didn’t quite taste like chorizo. The texture also wasn’t quite like regular Spam, so that kinda threw me off.  It wasn’t disgusting… but it wasn’t good either.  Although.. at the same time it wasn’t bad.  haha.. It’s crazy that I can’t figure out how to describe the taste except for very poorly made chorizo.  Which I guess isn’t really fair to Spam because Spam isn’t chorizo. Anyhow, I will say with certainty that I will never buy Chorizo Spam again. I will stick with my regular plain delicious Spam. 

I know y’all are wondering what we ended up doing for dinner. Well since we didn’t care for the Chorizo Spam, we ended up going out to Ponchos Mexican Restaurant. I’ve never seen my daughter eat so many chips & salsa along with a Shredded Beef Chimichanga Enchilada Style. If you saw her eating it, you would’ve thought there was a big burly man trapped in a little girls body.  I swear people were looking at me wondering why I never feed my daughter. ha    


… and the hangry child is slowly but surely going away.

So the moral of this useless story…. continue to eat regular chorizo… continue to eat regular Spam… and when all else fails… go out to eat!

So tell me? Do YOU like Spam or not? If you do, what’s your favorite flavor of Spam and how do you eat your Spam?