Disney Side @Home Celebration


How do you show your Disney Side?

Have you ever had that moment of anticipation where you are anxiously waiting for an email? Well that was me not long ago. I finally got an email saying that I was selected to host a #DisneySide party. Thanks to Mom Select and Disney Parks   for this wonderful opportunity. Then came the constant look-out for the good-looking UPS man with fingers crossed that he’d soon deliver my Disney Side package as I was anxious to start the party planning.  There was so much excitement in getting things ready for the villains theme DisneySide @Home Celebration.

DISNEY SIde Selected


I had bubbles as party favors for my guests. They were super easy to put together. All I did was print the party theme on a labels (Villains Making Amends) and slapped those suckers on the bubbles… and wallah… simple and cute.


Party Favors #DisneySide

Villains Making Amends Party Favors


Although the majority of my guests were tweens/teens, there were 12 kids ages 3 to 16.  With that many kids & 4 adults that act like kids, we definitely needed a schedule to make sure things ran smoothly for our Disney Celebration. Shockingly, the kids liked the schedule and would constantly look at it to see how much more time they had at a particular station or to see what came next.  



Schedule for “Disney Villains Making Amends” Celebration


As kids excitingly walked in the house, there were 5 stations that they could choose for a different wicked activity.  They rotated to different stations and shockingly they all participated in each station.  Well.. minus the 3 boys, they wanted nothing to do with the nail polish which was the 1st station. I want to say that the nail polish station was the station most visited but looking back, all stations were busy at all times. All the guests got to take home one of the nail polish. The black and green polish were very popular colors.


#DisneySide Wicked Polish

Station 1: Wicked Polish


For our 2nd station, we made friendship bracelets. The  Friendly Bands Sunshine Loom    was super easy to use! My 10-year-old daughter has always wanted to learn to make the friendship bands but would always get frustrated and give up. (Yeah… mom award for raising a quitters! ha) It was pretty gnarly to see how easy it was for her to use the Friendly Bands Sunshine Loom.  Then looking a 5-year-old boy make bracelets, I figured if he could do it, so could I. And wouldn’t you know it… I too was able to make a friendship bracelet.   I’ll do a separate post to go into how nifty these Friendly Bands are. In the meantime, you can check out how fun and easy they are to make here .


#Disney Side SunchineLoom

Station 2: Making Amends Bracelets

For station 3, we had a variety of activities. They had the option of putting together a Villain Puzzle, play Villain themed Checkers as well as Villain themed Tic Tac Toe.  It was rather interesting to see how intense these kids got. I don’t know if it was because they were so into the activity or if they were trying really hard to win a prize. Who am I kidding… we all know it was for the gnarly prizes.


Station 3: Villain Puzzle / Villain Checkers / Villain Tic Tac Toe

Station 3: Villain Puzzle / Villain Checkers / Villain Tic Tac Toe


Station 4 was such a fun station because everyone was able to show their Disney Side.  As we were setting up the photo booth my sister says, “Hey I have a surprise for you” and she brings out these awesome photo props that she made. I was beyond thrilled and over joyed. For the photo props (head pieces) she drew them free hand on colored poster board and used Sharpie Markers to outline or color in hair. Instead of having to hold the prop with a stick like most props, she glued elastic on the backs so the props would stay on your head and the guests would have their hands free. Pretty darn clever!  She’s super talented. You should see the masterpieces she does with making cakes.. but that’s a whole different ball game!  It think the villains may have a wild side….


Station 4 Photo Booth

Station 4: Photo Booth

Apparently Mickey’s black frosting stains… A LOT! ha.  But instead of freaking out, we went with the flow and turned our mishap into a fun Villain gone wild photo shoot. hahaha

Photo Booth Fun!

Villain  Making Amends Photo Booth


Photo Booth Disney Villains Making Amends

Making memories by showing our Disney Side


Our last station was a simple and fun game. You know, like pin the tale on the donkey but WAY better. It was Pin the Smile on Mickey.  Again, it amazed me at how everyone participated. Of course again, I’m sure the prizes had a little to do with the excitement. ha  Doesn’t it make you all warm and tingly at the thought of Disney bringing the ‘kid’ out in everyone.



Station 5: Pin the Smile on Mickey


For the 2nd part of our Disney Side Celebration, we played various fun games. Some of the games took longer than expected so we weren’t going to do some of them… of course until a couple of the teens mentioned that they wanted to play all the games on the schedule. ha So… they happily all played, Bingo, Word Search, Disney Match Game, and Disney Trivia.  Look at them…. they are all so enthralled in those games. 


Disney Side Games

Disney Side Games


We ended our Disney Side Celebration with everyone making their own pizza contest. The kids were taken around the food counter to see what toppings were available.  They then had to draw on paper the pizza they wanted to create. Once drawn, they were able to make their pizza.  The winners finished pizza had to look the closest to their drawing.  Ooh… Did ya check out the awesome frosted Mickey rice crispy?


Villain Toppings

Villain Toppings… Kids favorite were Maleficent Boogers. Go Figure!


A few of them took this contest super serious and made sure their pizza had the same amount of toppings on it as their drawing. It was actually kind of comical hearing these kids ‘friendly argue’ about who had the best pizza. ha  Who’s pizza would you choose? It was as tedious as, “your pizza has 9 black olives and your drawing only has 8″… yeah, they took the contest to a whole new level. ha


Making Pizza

Pizza Making Contest


The personal pizza’s were made…. Everyone had so much fun….  It all turned out better than expected…. SUCCESS!!!!



Finally Pizza Time! Yum!


All the guest were super happy to take home a bag filled with lots of goodies.


Disney Side goodie bags

Disney Side goodie bags


How do you show your Disney Side?