Fun Times = Camping

Most of mi familia and some friends went camping over the Labor Day week end to Bear Canyon. My brother Ralphy and his wife went up on Wednesday to save a spot for all 32 of us, but I might be missing someone – but that doesn’t really matter. Some arrived Thursday and most of us on Friday. It was an insane drive to get there. What would have normally taken us 2 1/2 hours took us 4 hours to get there because the traffic was insane. Even though it’s the same spot every year, it was way difficult to find in the dark. Besides that, we had an amazing time. We stayed up late Friday just sitting around the camp fire talking, roasting marshmallows and star gazing and throughout the day, some of the kids had fun on Jessica’s power wheels.

Jessica, baby Ralphy & Amanda had fun on the power wheels


During our camping trip, my sister Sylvia, her daughter Amanda, Jessica & I h ad the opportunity to drive to Heber to visit my sister Sarai and check out her home that she just had built and then drive up to Taylor for a birthday party. At the birthday party they were able to dress up like princess and get their hair and make up done. Of course both of our daughters are little tom boys that instead of getting all dressed up decided to chase butterflies, tried to catch frogs, try run around and play with the horses. They did however decide to go on a horse and carriage ride.

Jessica striking a pose & the tail end of the carriage ride

Other things we did was go shooting.  Jessica was way excited to shoot her first gun… yes, I did say Jessica. Ande on the other harnd was not happy that we let Jessica sh oot a gun. When we went camping during Memorial day, Jessica really wanted to shoot a gun like the others, but at that time I didn’t let her. This time, she was way eager to shoot. I think that Jessica really liked the safety glasses because she didn’t want to take them off and wore them most of the day. Okay – truth be told, Jessica at first she just shot a BB gun, but she doesn’t need to know otherwise. Actually, the following day, she did shoot a 22. She really thought she was the coolest 3 1/2 year old holding a gun.

We had a whole lottta fun and getting way dirty on the Rhino. Other things t hat we did were play cards and of course eat LOTS of yummy food.

At times we just hung out at acted silly..

And then there were times where the kids just hung out in the tent. (Nice break for the adults!)

We played volleyball, horseshoes, went shooting, played cards, sang, played baseball. Of course with one of those activities, someone was sure to get hurt – luckily it wasn’t when we went shooting. My nephew Sam was hit in the face with a baseball and cut open (not too bad) right under his eye.

The kids (and me) had fun jumping of a tree stump while someone snapped a picture of us in the air. Of course I had a difficult time doing it – but none the less, I did it!

And of course we didn’t want to break tradition and had to stop at the McDonald’s in Payson on the way home!

I am NOT a Pillow!

So about 15 minutes after I laid Jessica down, I thought she was a sleep so I decided to lay in bed with her with my cheek right on her cheek. I know that’s weird, but she just look so sweet and peaceful.

Anyhow, she then busted out with a HUGH disappointed sigh and said, “MOM! I am NOT a pillow, I Jessica!” I told her that I knew she wasn’t a pillow. So then she said, “Why you lay on me cause I Jessica!” I just laughed. Well, she didn’t find it amusing and said, (while pointing to a pillow) “mom! look!, this is a pillow”! then she pointed at herself and said, “I Jessica

After she fell back asleep (luckily it was quick) I took a picture with my cell phone – hence the poor quality.

Uhm… the DR said what?

So in my classroom, I have classroom jobs for my students, you know, to teach them responsibility. Well, one of the jobs is being a receptionist. That just means that if I am not near the phone the receptionist will answer it.

So… The phone rings, my student answers it. He had motioned for me to come to the phone, thenimmediately he saidnever mind and started taking down a message. So I just thought that who ever had called didn’t want to bother me and decided to leave a message. So my student waves the message for me to go get it. I was on the other end of the classroom reading a story to my students and didn’t want to walk over so I told him to read the message. My student looked at the message and it seemed like the note said someone died because his facial reaction wasunbelievable.

So I asked my student to read it outloud and he justshockingly shook his head NO.Hmmm.. that just made me curious. I asked who the message was from and he said it was from my doctor. ” WHAT? my doctor?” I said in a weird questioning tone. My student just shook his head “YES”. So I asked him to read the message and he told me just for me to read it. I of course was WAY curious at this point and asked him to just read it. He was rather hesitant but did as he was told.   My student says, “You doctor said that your stomach problem should get better and that the farting should stop by Saturday”! WHAT? My dear sweetobedient student read the message again. I cracked up laughing along with the rest of the class with the exception of the student that answered the phone. He was still in shock and not laughing. He asked me why a doctor would leave a message like that with a student! HA HA… I had to explain SEVERAL times that it was a joke. He wasn’t really sure what to believe. I still don’t think that he believes that it wasn’t a real doctor.

I had a suspicion on who it could be so I text both of them one person said they had no clue what I was talking about and the other, being my sister Sylvia, replied, “I don’t know what the fart you are talking about”. HA HA!!! So my dang sister played the funniest joke on me. So.. does anyone have any suggestions on how I could get her back?

I made it to 6th grade!

So I have survived the first week and a half of 6th grade at Herrera Elementary. I didn’t think that I would enjoy it but somehow it has worked out very well. It could be because of a blessing I received and all the prayers! Anyhow, one thing I like better about 6th grade than 1st grade is that the students actually get it when I am being sarcastic and they love it!

My students are so amazing! Since I am teaching a dual language class, the same group of kids have been in the same class since Kindergarten. They all know each other which is a plus. I get so many compliments on how my class is so well behaved. It could have to do with the the previous teacher that trained them so well. ha ha.. she says they were already trained. So I guess they are just great kids in general. All I did was tell them my expectations and they abide by them. How nice it would be if my own children followed my expectations. ha ha.

The thing I have struggled most with as a 6th grade teacher is math. I am not very good at math and it has always been my worst subject. I thought I was done with studying but I am far from that! I not only have to prep, but I have to study my toosh off so that I know what I am talking about when I am teaching my kiddos. In just one week I have learned a lot from teaching 6th grade – Imagine that! I have always know that you learn the most when you teach it, and I guess I just applied that to church. But teaching 6th graders has been thus far a blessing to me. I have learned or (relearned I should say) so much not only from teaching but from their own responses. They say or show me things and I just look at them in amazement on how creative they can be to figure things out in various ways. They for sure are the kiddos that ‘look outside the box’.

Now don’t get me wrong, they are far from perfect. They have their moments when they act up or get loud but I stop it immediately. I guess they are just kids trying to see what they could get away with. As long as I’m around, they won’t get away with anything! HA. One student wrote in her journal reasons why she likes her teacher (me). I thought it was cute. She was very positive and saying nice things until the end when she wrote… “Mrs. Cole is mean sometimes but only because we are loud and she doesn’t like noise in the class!” It made me laugh. Another kid told me that my hair looks like his mom, therefore I remind him of his mother. .. weird. The funniest thing that was said to me was a student told me that I laugh like a witch! Ha ha… Way funny!!!

Anyhow, I just pray that things will only get better for the rest of the year!

All in one week! – PRICELESS –

Things I heard my children say throughout the week.

Ande : “Oh cool! Payson’s teeth are like mine.”
(wait – what? Payson is my dog)

Jessie: “Don’t say that bad word!”
(she said it while grunting & yelling after hearing me say stupid)

Jill: “Catch my arm”
(I didn’t realize arms were detachable.
The sad this is that Ande actually tried to catch it;
instead got punched in the face.
I think she deserved that one!)

Jill: “Ande, lick your knee”
(if she has teeth like our dog, why not lick her own knee?)

Ande: “Maybe you have a knot in your boob?”
Jill: “Oh my gosh.. boobs are made of milk and fat!”
ME: “Boobs have bones in them” (sarcasm)
Jill: “Oh, they do?”
Ande : “HUH? I’m confused
(yup.. my family is nuts!)

Jill: Is Diego part of your family?
Me: “What?” (in an ‘are you serious’ tone’)
Jill: “You know, your brothers son”
(are you serious!?!)

Jessica: “You black mom? I a baby and I black like a baby”
(I REALLY need to teach that girl her colors)
Jessica to her dad: “You’re a good boy dude!”
Me: “Jessica, do you want milk or sprite?”
Jessica: “I wanna pee! “
(does that mean lemonade?)

I have come to the conclusion that most people don’t think prior to speaking. Or is it just my familia? Go figure! Nuts, but I gotta love em!

We put the FUN in dysFUNction