I am NOT a Pillow!

So about 15 minutes after I laid Jessica down, I thought she was a sleep so I decided to lay in bed with her with my cheek right on her cheek. I know that’s weird, but she just look so sweet and peaceful.

Anyhow, she then busted out with a HUGH disappointed sigh and said, “MOM! I am NOT a pillow, I Jessica!” I told her that I knew she wasn’t a pillow. So then she said, “Why you lay on me cause I Jessica!” I just laughed. Well, she didn’t find it amusing and said, (while pointing to a pillow) “mom! look!, this is a pillow”! then she pointed at herself and said, “I Jessica

After she fell back asleep (luckily it was quick) I took a picture with my cell phone – hence the poor quality.