All in one week! – PRICELESS –

Things I heard my children say throughout the week.

Ande : “Oh cool! Payson’s teeth are like mine.”
(wait – what? Payson is my dog)

Jessie: “Don’t say that bad word!”
(she said it while grunting & yelling after hearing me say stupid)

Jill: “Catch my arm”
(I didn’t realize arms were detachable.
The sad this is that Ande actually tried to catch it;
instead got punched in the face.
I think she deserved that one!)

Jill: “Ande, lick your knee”
(if she has teeth like our dog, why not lick her own knee?)

Ande: “Maybe you have a knot in your boob?”
Jill: “Oh my gosh.. boobs are made of milk and fat!”
ME: “Boobs have bones in them” (sarcasm)
Jill: “Oh, they do?”
Ande : “HUH? I’m confused
(yup.. my family is nuts!)

Jill: Is Diego part of your family?
Me: “What?” (in an ‘are you serious’ tone’)
Jill: “You know, your brothers son”
(are you serious!?!)

Jessica: “You black mom? I a baby and I black like a baby”
(I REALLY need to teach that girl her colors)
Jessica to her dad: “You’re a good boy dude!”
Me: “Jessica, do you want milk or sprite?”
Jessica: “I wanna pee! “
(does that mean lemonade?)

I have come to the conclusion that most people don’t think prior to speaking. Or is it just my familia? Go figure! Nuts, but I gotta love em!

We put the FUN in dysFUNction