WHO’s doing WHAT to my trampoline?

I’ll start by saying that Jessica has an AMAZING kindergarten teacher.  I know this because Jessica comes home daily telling me what she has learned. I have also volunteered in her classroom on various occasions.

UNFORTUNATELY, her teacher was absent on this day so Jessica had a substitute teacher.  The class was asked to draw a picture about anything they wanted. The sub then walked around, writing what the students said they drew about. Students were then asked to copy the ‘correct’ way of spelling what they drew about. Jessica did a great job drawing and copying the words. (SIDE NOTE: I however, would have had Jessica write down the sounds she heard instead of me writing it out for her)  Anyhow, what do you notice here?….. 

Can’t figure it out? The spelling is correct isn’t it? So what’s the problem here? Can you figure it out now?……

Let me ‘spell’ it out for you………..

Their: Belonging to…
They’re: Contraction for They Are
Steel: A type of metal (never heard of steeling)  hmmm.
Stealing: The act of taking something

Did you figure it out?

So who’s doing what?…
THEY’RE STEALING my trampoline.