As many of you know how clumsy I am, I’m sure this is of no surprise… About 10 minutes after we got to Disneyland, I was walking (more like skipping) very  joyfully …. and wouldn’t you know it… a magical pole ran right into me. It truly was magical because after I fell I pretty much saw stars, pixy dust, fireworks and even little birds going in circles above my head. I may have gotten a goose egg, but you should have seen the dent I put in that pole. Talk about TKO!

Goose Egg

Disneyland with friends & family through pictures…. Ahhh… So magical


Cole Loper Disneyland Disney Army Disney Autopia Holt Disney Autopia Disney Carden   Disney Eating Ice Cream Disney Ferris Wheel Disney Holts Disney Jess

Disney Resting

These kiddos were laughing until they saw the camera and decided to pretend they were upset. Kids… gotta love em’

Disney Cole Kids

Disney Scared Jess Disney Ladybug Disney Marley & Jess Disney Mar & Jess     Disney Toontown