What’s a Prindle?

Has anything ever made you laugh so hard that when you look at it you can’t help but shake your head and chuckle? That’s what happens when I see the car shifter.    When my daughter Ande was 15 she asked me for my car keys so she can get her wallet that she had left in the car. She said she left it next to the seat and the prindle.  Of course I had to question her… “The seat and the WHAT?”  In all seriousness she said again,”The seat and the prindle.”

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My Funeral Remarks…

So a little over a year ago I had a dream that I died. In my dream I was attempting to go to my own funeral because I wanted to hear what people would say about me but every time I tried to walk in to where the service was being held, I was not allowed in because I was dead. Ha. So RUDE not to let me in… I wanted to punch people in the face for not allowing me at my own funeral. haha  Anyhow, I saw the tear-jerker movie The Fault in our Stars and a particular part in that movie reminded me of a time I asked my friends on FB this question.

  “If you were speaking at my funeral service, what would you say?”

The comments I got on FB were funny & I wouldn’t be surprised if when I did die that these things would actually be said. Hope you find them as comical as I did. Keep Reading

Chocolate or Poop?

I was picking up dog poop in the back yard and had a flashback about my daughter. Yes, dog poop reminds me of her.

I vividly remember the day when my daughter Jessie was 5 yrs old and she wanted to make brownies.   In the process she spilled some of the brownie mix on her pants.  It was somewhat cleaned up (by me licking it) and all was fine and dandy but by this point she was done helping.  (That darn girl and her short attention span) Keep Reading

Disneyland as a Loner

Walt Disney and Mickey Mouse statue at Disneyland California. Image shot 2009. Exact date unknown.

Last month I had what I call a ridiculously, amazing, kick butt, out of this world awesome opportunity to go to Disneyland. My friend Laura from Pink Cake Plate was invited to a Disney Social Media Moms conference at Disneyland.  I was lucky enough to be Laura’s guest.  I was super surprised that she invited me but at the same time, why the heck wouldn’t she? After all, I am awesome to hang out with! Keep Reading

Water Storage

Did you know that after three days with no water your kidneys can have irreversible damage. Start saving your water! I have had two 55 gallon water drums for about three years… and… they were still empty up until last week. Yes, I am a slacker!

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