QT Flirting

As I was getting gas at Quick Trip, I sent Ande in to buy me a yummy ice cold DR Pepper with that scrumptious crushed ice. She walks out of the store laughing. She proceeds to tell me the following story….. (yes, I am having her quote it word for word)
So I walked in to QT and then the cash register dude was like “hello” so I smiled. “How are you?”he said. “Fine, thanks” I said. As I kept walking to the fountain drink area he was like, “I like your bag” and I just laughed… “ha ha ha ha”….

As I approached the cash register counter, I put my rice crispy treat and soda on the counter and he said, “79 cents” and I said, “Oh?, what about the soda?” He said “heh heh, don’t worry about it, I got it” and I said “Thanks!!”

Then he said, “So do you go to school around here?” And I said “yeah Chavez” He then said, “Oh so what are you, a Senior?” And I said, “Ha! Nope, Sophomore” and he said “Oh, ha ha.. you’re a young one” and then I just said thank you and walked out laughing.


So… older men are flirting with my daughter. Ande doesn’t believe that what this guy was doing was flirting. Wouldn’t you consider that flirting? I sure would. At least I got a free soda out of it. ha ha.. actually… even though I laugh.. it does at times scare me because many times I have had to tell grown men to not check Ande out because she is under age. Seriously… many men just gawk at her and it totally grosses both Ande & I out!