Feeding, Chasing & Running from Ducks

Feeding the ducks at the park = fun quality time!

Jessica had a great time feeding them and chasing them

Some ducks were rather aggressive and would come up to us and peck our shoes.

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The Good – Bad & Ugly About Camping

My family went camping with several of my siblings this past weekend. Everyone had a great time. The weather was cold but for the most part tolerable. Lucky for us we didn’t have to sleep in a tent because my sister & brother had their camper trailers with them. It was nice for me to get away after teaching intersession all week for my students that were falling behind.

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My Girls

Aren’t they so lovable and innocent?
Okay.. may just innocent..
Uhm… okay… maybe just lovable..
Uhm.. who am I kidding.. they’re up to something!