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Hola Amigos! I was invited to participate in a Blogland Tour by Laura from PinkCakePlate.  After she reads this post, she may regret having invited me. ha.   All bloggers participating have been asked to answer the same 4 questions. So here goes nothing…..

Blogland Tour


This is kind of a sad question. Well not sad like in WAH.. Boo Hoo sad… but kind of like a sad in a funny but not so funny sort of way Ha.  Reason being is that well… I really am not working on a certain project. But I am working on learning how to cook again . YES.. I have forgotten how to cook. Divorce plays cruel jokes on you like makes you feel “liberated” of having dinner ready everyday. haha. Sadly (or depending on the day… gratefully) I really did forget how to cook.   Well  sort of… I can cook.. it just doesn’t taste as good as it used to when I knew how to cook but at least I can pretend by making my dinners at least look appetizing. Oh wait.. that isn’t true anymore. You know you’ve completely failed at all aspects of cooking when your child walks into the kitchen as you’re attempting to make dinner and says, “Mom, I hope you’re not making that food that tastes just kind of a little okay but looks like throw-up” ha.. Yes, my dear friends, that is a true story.  Sad in a funny way, but true. So there you have it…. I am cooking on my working skills.  (OH BARNACLES) I seriously just wrote that wrong. I almost fixed it, but decided to leave it so you can see that I have other things to work on as well.  DOH!

This is me working on my cooking skills. Not sure if I looked scared or confused. ha

This is me working on my cooking skills.  I can’t figure out if I look scared or confused. ha



Ooohh… Another tough question. I would say it differs a lot because mine doesn’t really offer what most blogs I read and follow offer…. DIY, crafts, baking and cooking,… Yeah y’all would just bust a gut if you saw how any of my attempted projects turned out. I was once told to only blog about things that really excite me. The person that told me this didn’t know me very well because I tend to get overly excited about pretty much everything. HA! Yes… some people say I tend to over exaggerate my excitement, but.. it’s legit. I truly get super exited over the smallest things.   So my blog is more about real life… being a single parent… Finding success in failure… And mainly finding the funny in all things good & bad because life is always better when you’re laughing. And it’s therapeutic to be able to laugh at oneself! I do it often! ha


I started blogging for myself. Pretty much to journal all the crazy happening in my life. However, after talking to many people and them telling me how I inspire them (yeah, I’m still trying to figure that one out.. haha) I now write mainly for therapy. ha. I write because I live with depression (but handle it very well), so writing regardless if it’s something sad, goofy or funny, I write about it because it helps me cope and in turn I have found out in talking to others, that through my blog they are able to laugh more often as well as learn from my mistakes or experiences. So I write in hopes to make someones day a little brighter.

4.HOW DOES YOUR WRITING/CREATING PROCESS WORK? Gosh! What’s up with all these difficult questions? ha  My writing process works like this… Do something off the wall.. write about it for the whole world to see and laugh because laughter is the best medicine.  In reality, I have so many things running through my pea-brain and I get overly excited to blog about and then by the time I want to write about it, I forget. I guess y’all should learn from my mistakes and keep paper and pencil near by so you can remember the thoughts that crossed your mind. I unfortunately process things a little different from most blogger. I write about what happens in the moment.  And unfortunately I  am usually doing everything last-minute because my writing process works right along side procrastination. ha.  I know several bloggers that have blog posts scheduled weeks in advance, but not me because that would make me normal. ha.  Due to having a full-time job on top of  being a single parent, I write after my daughter is asleep and stay up late at night to write. I can’t write when she’s awake because then I’ll miss all the, {insert sarcasm} “Let’s do something.  I’m bored. I’m hungry (AGAIN).  I don’t want… Why do I have to… BUT MOM!”  Yeah, what parent in their right mind would want to miss all the whining? Not me that’s for sure.  Blog Land Alrighty! I answered the 4 questions. Now to move on to bigger and better things.  Now I have the privilege of introducing you to a couple of gnarly bloggers.

First up is Tonia from Boise, Idaho.  She is an introvert who is a social media butterfly. She is a successful stay at home mom of 3 kids who have more energy combined than a nuclear power plant.  If you ever wondered what is was like to stay productive while being a stay at home mom or working from home… she’s the gal to go to. So what are you waiting for? Go check out Tonia’s blog at

The next gal is Sharon from Phoenix, AZ. She is re-branding her blog, so she may seem like a new blogger, but isn’t.  She is a stay at home mom with 2 of her 5 kids not in school yet. Follow Sharon as she bakes her way through the Sweet and Not So Sweet moments in life. You can find her at