I’m cleaning the kitchen and I hear Jessica yelling from the bathroom. “SLAVE! SLAVE! SLAVE!” I chuckle and think nothing of it, well minus her sounding a tad insane!

I then hear even louder, “SLAVE!!!  SSLLAAAAAVVEE! I KNOW YOU HEAR ME! Get over here right NOW!” I go see what all the ruckus is about and she says, “Slave! About time you show up.  Slave, you need to put toothpaste on my toothbrush”  I chuckled and told her I had a lot of cleaning to do & that I wasn’t her slave. She then says, “Listen Slave, I fired Marley & hired you.” I told her she was crazy and she says, “Listen Slave! You don’t talk to me that way because you are my slave.” I start laughing and she says, “Slave! Stop laughing and go get me so warm pants so I can sleep in.

Well… what does a mom like me do? Tell her to get her own toothpaste? Well if she had been serious, I possibly would have flicked her on the mouth… but I knew she was being silly so I put the dang toothpaste on her toothbrush.  She was cracking me up especially because she kept a straight face.  I did however tell her to get her own pants. Oh yeah! I was tough! I put my foot down and told her I wasn’t her slave. She then says, “Slave, I want to fire you because you don’t help me but I can’t fire you because you are my Mom and you do everything for me and that’s why you’re my Mom-Slave.” and then she gave me a hug and started laughing.

Well in the end… I gave in and got her the pants she wanted.  Why?  because she realized that I did everything for her. Now I am not a helicopter parent that does EVERYTHING for her; but I do the small things that I know will make her know that I love her … and yes, that even includes disciplining her.  Anywho…. She’s a riot and such a goofball but I love that girl.