Why build stairs when you have a ladder!

So my dad has been building a club house for Jessica. My intentions were to post before and after pictures once it was done….. However, I can’t help but post a couple of pictures now.  Tee Hee.. I’m totally cracking up because I know what I am going to say. HA ha  (Yes, I crack myself up)

I am in my home minding my jolly business when my dad walks in the living room. He seemed dumbfounded as he stood there for a second as if having second thoughts as to what he was going to say. He looked as if he were a tad upset but started shaking his head with a bewildered laughter. He then blurts out, “You have to come see this.” I looked at him not sure what he wanted me to see, so the obedient daughter I was, dropped what I was doing and followed my dad. As we’re walking outside he says, “You will NEVER believe what I did” Once he said that, I cracked up laughing and said, “Hold on, this sounds like I need my camera” He burst out laughing and told me not to get it because he didn’t want me to put it on Facebook. Well…. like I said, I am a very obedient daughter (that’s why I’m his favorite!) I didn’t get my camera… but wouldn’t you know it… my cell happened to have a camera.

Anyhow, I walk into the club house he’s building. It took me a several seconds to figure out what happened. We laughed hysterically then it finally dawned on me what he had done. All he kept saying was, “How could this happen?” Then of course he had to blame others and says, “It all happened because I’m working alone & no one is here helping me” Oh my gosh… I am totally busting a gut right now.

Alright… here are the pics…. See if you can figure it out.

Here’s my hard-working dad that will be 70 this year…..
Can you figure it out??? Yup… He’s still baffled.
Jessica trying to figure out how to fix the problem.
She happened to like the ladder where it was.
Without realizing it; he nailed the  4 x 4 THROUGH the ladder.
He’s building a little loft…. Why build stairs when you have a ladder!
There you go… BAM… it’s done!
My poor dad had to remove the nails from the darn beam & start over. It shouldn’t be funny… but it is!!!

Sorry dad! I can’t help but make fun of you… Uhm, I mean laugh WITH you. Thanks dad for the many laughter lines you give me pretty much daily. It’s days like this that make me anxious to see what tomorrow will bring.  I love you dad!

DISCLAIMER….  Dad, if you get upset with me for posting this; just remember what you taught me when I was a kid, “It’s easier to ask forgiveness than permission” So dad, I’m sorry I posted this. (anyone reading… I’m not really sorry because it’s way funny and couldn’t resist”)  Just kidding dad… the “Natural Man” made me do it!