The melted what?

JESSICA :  “mom! Mom!! MoM!!! MOM!!!!”

ME : “Sheesh Jessie, it stinks in here! What do you want?”

JESSICA : “My tummy hurts”.  

ME : “Well finish going poop & then if it doesn’t feel better I’ll give you medicine”. 

JESSICA: “But mom, I’m going poop the kind that’s melted.”

ME {Cracks up laughing.. I’ve never heard it called that before! ha ha ha}

JESSICA : “It’s NOT funny! My tummy hurts!”


Several minutes later….

  JESSICA : “Mom, is it okay if I take a shower, but only to wash my butt?”

HA HA HA HA!!!! I love the crazy things my kids say!


What are some funny or off the wall things your kids have said?