People of Walmart

I really should know better by now. I never learn! I know from past experiences that no matter when I leave my home, I should NEVER EVER leave looking like I am about to be featured on the website People of Walmart.  Oh yes I went there with Walmart.  Admit it… We get dressed to go to Target and when we look homely we say, “It’s okay, we’re just going to Walmart”  haha.

I was gonna run quickly to the dollar store just to get a package of tortillas. (yes they sell non-expired tortillas there)  In my thoughts, I was going to be in and out quicker than Clark becomes Superman so I figured it was not a big deal to be dressed as if I were shopping at Wal-Mart. Yeah, that didn’t happen. As always, I saw not one but two students. UGH! The first one was kinda funny. He saw me, half-way smiled, put his head down and ran away like how Napoleon Dynamite ran away from a girl. Anyhow, that little 1st grader probably thought I was going to talk to his mom about  how many times he has been in detention. I am the Behavior Intervention Specialist at my school (just a fancy title for detention and In School Suspension teacher)

The 2nd student I saw just stood there stupefied like I was Santa or something that should never be seen outdoors.  Her mouth was literally dropped open. I wanted to hide (as I’ve done in the past) but instead I reluctantly waved hello to this student and interestingly her eyes lit up as if she saw Mickey Mouse on her first visit to Disneyland. A few minutes later, she and her mom were in the check out line behind me and I hear this girl whisper to her mom, “Ella es una maestra, porque esta aqui” (“She is a teacher, why is she here”) hahahaha. I wanted to say something but needed to hurry out of there because I really did look like I belonged at Wal-Mart.

Then as I was walking out the dollar store I hear a man call my name. Oh HECK! For a split second I told myself I would not look back and keep walking. But I obviously didn’t do that because curiosity got the best of me. Turned out it was someone I went to elementary school with. I had not seen him in TWENTY-SIX years. How in the world did he recognize me?!!  After some awkward small-talk I hustled to my car with my head down in case the paparazzi were looking for me. (yeah, that has never happened…  but one day it will)

Moral of the story… If leaving your home make sure to comb your hair, dress decent and not like you’re about to be featured on People of Walmart because you never know who you will run into.