Happy Birthday Jessica!!

Jessica turned 4 on the 29th of December. We asked her what she wanted to eat for her birthday and she said chicken nuggets… fair enough… So I asked her from where she wanted the chicken nuggets from and she said the Dollar Store! ha ha… I guess that’s a sign that we go to the dollar store a lot. However, she did settle for pizza.

Anyhow, for breakfast she wanted ‘pokey eggs”, which means scrambled eggs with hot sauce. She was a tad bit picky, she wanted to eat it on the Zoo Pals plate with matching cup and fork.
For her birthday we went to Peter Piper Pizza. We ate.. but of course not Jessica. She just had one bite and only wanted to ride the carousal and play skee ball and the race car video game. We had planned on going to the movies to see Bolt but we were just all exhausted and went home after eating pizza. Actually, we did go to the dollar store before we went home, as per Jessica’s request. We told Jesse that we’d continue celebrating her birthday the following day.
She was so excited to help make her own birthday cake and wanted to frost it herself. So of course I let her. I don’t know if I’m just a gooey mushy mother, but I thought that it was the neatest thing to see her so happy because she was allowed to frost her own cake… lick-frost, lick and frost… yum, yum! Nothing better than a 4 year olds saliva on a cake!
The next day we gave Jessica the option of going to the movies to see Bolt or go ing to Enchanted Island at Enca nto Park. She chose Enchanted Island because she wanted to feed the ducks. We got there and had a little picnic and then fed the ducks, geese, birds and even the pigeons. She got on all the rides and had a great time. He favorite ride was the dragon roller coaster. I honestly don’t know if she liked that ride the best because of the thrill or because it was green. Either way, she liked it a lot.. she actually got on it EIGHT times.
For dinner she said she wanted taquitos, so I went to Filberto’s and that’s what we had for dinner. Hey, it was a LONG day and I was not feeling the umph to cook.   That was our fun filled day with Jessica! Happy fourth birthday Jessie!!!