Getting High

Me: Jessica, do you want to watch a Jesus movie? (that’s what she calls the Animated stories of the book of Mormon)

Jessica: NO! I wanna watch the getting high movie?

Me: The WHAT?

Jessica: I say the getting high movie!

Me: The getting high movie?

Jessica: UHHH! YES! The getting high movie!!!


Uhm… I had no clue what she was talking about. I was starting to wonder if she had found the home videos of me getting high! Ha ha! JUST KIDDING!!

Anyhow, she ended up showing me which movie she was talking about which was the one where Samuel the Lamanite preaches of the birth of Jesus Christ to the people of Zarahemla. Since Samuel is ‘up high on the wall’ as Jessica says, she calls the movie the “getting high” movie.

Way funny! Or maybe I just thought it was funny because she’s my kid. Oh well!