Count Your Many Blessings

Just thought I should share that I love my mom. I absolutely adore that lady! She is so selfless and just simply amazing.  She inspires me to do my best and to move forward in a positive manner.  It’s interesting how your entire persona changes when you are positive especially when it’s so much easier to be negative. I have seen many things through positive eyes & it amazes me how my stress levels have become extremely low and have become a happier person because I am able to see the blessings in my life amidst the not so great issues that surround me.

I love the fact that even though I am going through some major life changes right now, that in reality should have me depressed & majorly upset, that I am able to walk away with my head held high, feeling proud of who I have become. It is what it is!

I recently have been blessed in many ways. My mommy came to mi casa and watered the cactus and some plants for me. (Yes, I am spoiled)  She helped me organize things that I had been putting off.  She even surprised me with jars of homemade canned frijoles. GRACIAS Mom!

I love when I get the opportunity to sit and chat, especially when it’s someone extremely special to me. This person I know will do anything for me. While I was moving; she left her family to help me pack & unpack. She has had me over just to chit chat… for dinner & game night. I absolutely love that I can always count on her. Oh and she even curbed my craving of frosted sugar cookies. YUM! I was in need of couches & she took it upon herself to find the perfect couches for me that were FREE!! Woo Hoo!  I love that her husband is so supportive of her & has helped me out as well. I love that even though she knows I am spacey and have lost most of my marbles, she still believes in me.  THANK YOU Ashley Whipple!

I also have wonderful friend volunteer to stain my kitchen table, chairs & medicine cabinet in my bathroom. She did this out of the goodness of her heart wanting nothing in return. Oh and did I mention she did this why I was at work. WOW!!  THANK YOU Lisa Greer.

I had another friend invite me over for a yummy-licious dinner. (homemade chicken fried steak & homemade flan for dessert.)  While I was there, I was blessed with having the opportunity to help her son with his homework. It’s always interesting to see how kids react better to someone other than their own parents. I was blessed that evening with knowing I had a great friend. THANK YOU Alex Aiken!

Someone I know is a very sweet old lady. (ha ha.. I say this because I know she doesn’t read my blog) Y’all may not think it’s funny, but I’m cracking up just thinking of her as old. She’s actually not old.. just mature. ha. I love this person. She is quiet but has a voice to let you know when you’re wrong. I love that this person makes me smile. She genuinely cares for others. I love that she takes the time just to say hello or to ask how I’m doing. I love that she feels like she can smack me when she doesn’t like what I do or say. Yes! She really has hit me! She happened to ask me today what I needed for my new home & wouldn’t you know it… she says, “I knew I bought this microwave for a reason for a reason” WOW! She’s had a new microwave in her storage for one year waiting for me. I’m sure originally it wasn’t intended for me, but I am in need of one & she gave it to me.  She will be blessed for her kindness & generosity. THANK YOU Debbie Hutchison

Oh another blessing was just today. After church as I walked to my car, I noticed a note on my windshield. Although I don’t see the truth in it; It made my day and made me smile at the thought of someone taking the time to write something nice about me. THANK YOU to my secret admirer!

I love that I have been blessed with wonderful and caring friends. I have had the privilege of becoming wonderful friends with an amazing family back when Ande was a toddler. They have helped me so much through out my life. I will forever be grateful for the love and support that they have given me. Jessica is getting baptized in two weeks & I hadn’t even thought about what she would wear. Of course my great friend comes to the rescue & lets Jessica use her daughters baptism dress which means so much. THANK YOU MISTY CARDEN HOLT. And THANK YOU JOYCE & KEN CARDEN for being the examples and support system I have always needed. They’ve done so much for me! Sometimes more than I even deserve.

One last thing… THANK YOU Ande & Matt for your continued love & support. You both are great examples to myself and your little sister Jessica. You always bend over backwards (sometimes let out some gas while bending over) to make sure I don’t go without. I love you both more than I love Disneyland!

I wish I would have written down all the great and amazing things that happened to me just this week. (I have a horrible memory) That could be why I’ve been so positive! ha ha ha! I crack myself up!   Anyhow, I know several wonderful things have happened to me recently but due to my lack of memory retention, I can’t remember. Man, I wish I had a lack of water retention as well. ha