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What Next ?!? CURSES!

Anyhow, not long ago Jessica’s Dr told me that Jessica “possibly” had Autism Spectrum Disorder. I didn’t do anything about it because I was kind of in denial. However after almost 2 months, I finally decided to get Jessica tested to make sure it was an accurate diagnosis. If she does have it, then I(…)

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That’s My Song!

I was babysitting my nephew and Jessica was very jealous of him. Does that ever happen to your kids? She didn’t like when I held him or talked to him. She wanted all of the attention for herself. Anyhow- I started singing to him as I was putting him to sleep and Jessica got very(…)

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Human Smuggling Ring

Talk about some scary stuff!!! Last week a body was found shot and on fire in a dumpster a few miles from from my home. It turns out that this guy was murdered in the house next door to where I live! AGGHHH!!! Detectives found another guy and rescued him just before he was about(…)

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