Update – for Amy!!!

So I got in trouble by my second mother for not posting an update on my ankle. Sorry Amy fo r not keeping you posted on my life happenings.





I was wearing an air cast and on crutches. It was super difficult to be on crutches while I was teaching. So one of my students had a grand idea for me to sit on a rolling chair and they’d push me around. It was great until my students started fighting for who’s turn it was to push me around the classroom or down the hall. Anyhow, they all got a turn and in the end they were all happy little campers!



Once the swelling started going down, I started wearing a walking boot. Which of course was so great for me because being on crutches was such a pain! My arm pits were sore and my back started hurting from it. It could be because I never learned how to wa lk in them



My friend Dr. Mitch Healey has also helped me out by adjusting my back which of course is all out of whack from falling. He has also treated me with Kinesio Taping . That stuff is amazing! In the past I have had it on my back and it’s just unbelievable what change it makes! Dr. Mitch is not only a super duper chiropractor which I highly recommend, he is also good looking! So next time you need an adjustment go visit him and he’ll fix you every time! You get adjusted and then an amazing trigger point massage. Did I mention he was a Hotty McNaughty?

All in all… I am doing great! My ankle is still swollen but getting much better. Hopefully I am walking well without the boot sooner than later. Thanks for everyone that has worried about me and that have asked about me and helped me out!
Oh one last thing… I always have students that like to stay in the classroom instead of going to recess. I was writing this blog during my lunch break and one of my students said, “Mrs. Cole, did you fall on purpose so that you could write something in your blog!” HA HA!!! So of course I had to choke him! ha ha  JUST KIDDING!!!! I would never hurt my students! They are wonderful goofballs.