Stray Dogs… I mean Cows

You know how you usually see stray dogs in the streets? Well…. I’m driving Ande to seminary this morning and in the middle of the street there are three stray COWS in a line walking towards a neighborhood! COWS? What the heck is that about? Ande & I had to do a double take and sure enough, we saw three cows. No one was there walking them or directing them to go somewhere. They were just stray cows walking by themselves like they owned the road! ha ha… Then… the conversation went like this….

Ande: I would be afraid if I were walking to school and I saw a cow walking down the road.

Me: Yeah, why is that?

Ande: Yeah because it would eat me!

Me: ha ha ha (I busted out laughing)

Ande: What? (in a serious tone) Cows don’t eat people?

Me: Nope! We eat them!

Ande: Well, do they at least bite people?

Me: ha ha ha (busted out laughing again)