If you Love em – Tell em!


“There’s a place up in the sky filled with people we love.
It’s up where angels fly, it’s the heavens up above.
The home of our second world where we will all meet again.
So we must remember that our lives never really end.
So when you feel sad and blue and you think you lost all hope,
your loved one’s somewhere new,
and there’s loved ones here to help you cope.”

A few days ago my Aunt (my dad’s sister) was killed in a tragic accident. Someone ran her over and left the scene. Hopefully they find the person that took her life.

Although it is sad that she was taken senselessly, I am so grateful for the plan of salvation! What a great day that will be when I can do her temple work!

The death of my aunt made me realize that we need to remember to let our loved ones know that we love them no matter how difficult it may be to tell them because if you don’t it could be to late.