Where to go?

So I was on my way to take Jessica to the sitters home. We get to a T in the road & the car in front of me had a green light – they could either turn left or right. They seemed to take FOREVER to decide which way to turn. So of course, the impatient(…)

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Got Carby-Doo?

So for dinner Jessica wanted Chicken with BBQ sauce. Instead- she asked for “Shiken with Carby-Doo Sauce” HA HA!!! No matter how many times we said BBQ, she kept saying Carby-Doo!

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The whole truth and nothing but the truth

I asked Jessica a question.. now don’t get me wrong.. I think my daughter is absolutely beautiful but we were messing around and being silly so the end of the conversation went like this…. Me: Jessica… why are you so ugly? Jessica: (In a grunting and almost yelling voice and in a drawn out way(…)

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